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Safety Pool Covers Clovis – Should a Pool Have a Winter Pool Cover?

Safety Pool Covers Clovis – Should a Pool Have a Winter Pool Cover?

There comes a time that you have to say goodbye to your swimming pool as the cold season approaches. Some owners leave their pools open when it is time to shut down swimming pools for the off-season, just as if it still was swim season all year round. They may not close their backyard paradise with safety pool covers in Clovis when they don’t feel like it’s necessary.

However, they should expect the unsavory consequences of an uncovered in-ground swimming pool during the cold season:

  • Leaves, twigs, branches, dirt, soot, dust, and debris will fall into the pool.
  • Sunlight will enter the pool, resulting in evaporation and algae infestation.
  • The pumps need to run in the colder regions to keep the pool from freezing, resulting in high energy costs. But if the pumps are turned off, the pool and its parts will be damaged by the freezing weather.
  • Children and pets will accidentally fall into the pool.

Save yourself from trouble: close your pool with a safety cover

While you may want to choose a standard winter cover to close your swimming pool for the cold months, why don’t you choose a safety pool cover instead?

A safety pool cover provides the essential benefits of a winter pool cover, such as keeping your swimming pool clean, blocking sunlight from entering the pool, and preventing your pool from freezing.

But a safety pool cover will provide total security for your family. Safety pool covers are designed for safety. This type of cover will prevent children and pets from entering the pool. The risk of drowning and other accidents is significantly reduced.

A quality safety pool cover that’s also correctly installed will prevent accidental entry, giving you complete peace of mind even when you can not be around the pool.

But to make sure that you’re getting a quality safety pool cover for winterizing your pool, it must pass the following ASTM standards:

  • The pool cover must withstand a weight of at least 485 lbs., or the combined weight of two average adults and one child, to permit any rescue operation.
  • The pool cover must pass a Perimeter Detection Test. In this test, the cover must demonstrate that any opening is too small for any object to pass through and that they are strong enough to prevent any efforts to pass through.
  • The pool cover must pass a Surface Drainage Test, which safeguards against the dangerous amount of excess water collecting on the surface. The pool cover must have either a semi-permeable material or a design feature that allows the excess water to run off the cover.
  • The pool cover must have the proper labels, such as information and warning labels.

Don’t forget the safety pool cover’s warranty! Having a warranty indicates that the pool cover manufacturer is confident in the quality of its product, which should be free from any factory defect.

If you haven’t thought of installing safety pool covers in Clovis for the winter months, it’s about time you should! It’s essential to look for a pool cover manufacturer that makes your family’s safety a priority no matter the season. Pool Cover Inc.’s pool and spa covers feature a UL mark, which means our products meet or even exceed ASTM standards for safety pool and safety spa covers.