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Safety Pool Covers Modesto – Which Cover Fabric Is Best?

Knowing your needs will help you purchase the right safety pool cover in Modesto. Each type of pool cover is made up of different materials so that it can be suited to everyone’s pool and security needs.

Common types of pool cover fabrics and materials:

1. One of the most common materials used in manufacturing a pool cover is polyethylene, which happens to be the most produced and most versatile type of plastic. It is also known for its combination of light weight, strength and durability, that’s why it is the base material of almost all pool covers.

2. Polypropylene is nearly the same as polyethylene but less durable.

3. Vinyl is also a popular material for making pool covers, as it is strong, durable and usually long-lasting.

Two common pool cover types:

The following are the two most common types of pool covers, each with its own pros and cons:

1. Mesh safety covers

Mesh inground safety pool covers are typically made of fabric that is lightweight compared to solid pool covers. That’s why they are easy to put on and take off. Manufacturers assure that their own mesh pool covers, like any other pool covers, are engineered for optimum safety and protection. The fine mesh patterns allow sunlight, rain water and snow to pass through while blocking off leaves and other bigger debris at the same time. Thus, there’s no chance for the rain water and snow to be collected on top of the cover.

However, it also means that dust, dirty rain water and snow will pass through the mesh cover. The penetration of sunlight into the pool also permits the growth of algae. It means that there will be cleaning in the spring when you open the pool again. These covers are also difficult to use and are typically sold as a “use once a year type of cover”. It is for this reason that Pool Covers, Inc. does not sell mesh safety covers.

2. Solid safety covers

Solid safety pool covers are usually made of vinyl, that’s why they’re often referred to as “solid vinyl” covers. There are a lot of advantages to using solid covers. Since a solid pool cover is not made of mesh fabric, all types of foreign matter – precipitation, leaves, twigs, dust, soot, sunlight, and many others – cannot pass through it. The result is clean water when you open the swimming pool each springtime and when you close it for the colder months.

Rainwater, snow, leaves, etc., are collected on top of the pool cover, however, which can add unnecessary weight to it and will require removing them to avoid compromising its durability. Cleaning and removal of debris can be done manually or by use of a pool cover pump to keep the pool cover clean.

These covers are made to be used on a daily basis. There are several ways to operate a solid vinyl safety pool cover and the automatic cover is the easiest and potentially the safest.

Each of these pool covers can support up to a weight that’s equivalent to three adults and one child, as per ASTM standards. They are meant to be walked on in case of emergency only and should not be used as a “playing surface”.

So which pool cover fabrics are the best? Only you can tell. But if you still have no clue what type of pool cover you need to get, you should go only to an expert who knows the best safety pool covers in Modesto for your swimming pool.