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Reasons to Choose Automatic Pool Covers in Stockton

Like many other things, a pool cover needs to be maintained in top condition. For this reason, automatic pool covers in Stockton are no longer seen as accessories. Instead, they are now considered as one of the essentials for your swimming pool.

Automatic pool covers are one of modern life’s greatest conveniences, especially for households who own swimming pools. You probably wince at the cost of buying and installing an automatic pool cover because it is indeed more expensive when compared to manual mesh pool covers.

But if you look at the following reasons, you will realize that automatic pool covers will provide a bang for your buck.


Safety should be the first and foremost reason for buying an automatic pool cover. There may be fences built around the swimming pool or alarms installed near it, and yet they are not completely flood resistant pool security systems. An automatic pool cover, on the other hand, creates an “isolation barrier” by enclosing the pool and sealing all its sides, offering very little gap for a small child or a pet to go through. A covered swimming pool will prevent the likelihood of accidental drowning, therefore saving lives.

Ease of use

Many people choose to install automatic pool covers because of the convenience that they offer. With a manual cover, you must unlock it before opening and then relock it before after you close it. With an automatic pool cover, it rolls on and off by itself by simply a touch of a button or a switch of a key. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Again, an automatic pool cover is more expensive than a manual pool cover. But the benefits outweigh the initial cost. It saves the pool water from evaporation, one of the biggest causes of pool water loss. With a covered pool, it reduces evaporation by up to 95% (depending on the level of air heat).

Apart from trapping the vapors, an automatic pool cover also maintains the pool water’s warm temperature. With a covered pool, you don’t have to turn on the pool heater to bring the water to a desired temperature. This results in significant energy savings over the course of the year.

An automatic pool cover also helps in maintaining the level of chemicals used in treating the pool water. With the swimming pool covered, the chemicals won’t be evaporated away. This result in less frequent replacement of water and/or less frequent pool chemical treatments.


Before, many people hesitated to install a pool cover because it would not fit the shape of the pool, (especially in the case of irregularly-shaped pools) or it would clash with the surrounding pools cape. Not so today anymore! Thanks to the technological advancements, automatic pool covers are now designed to fit swimming pools of any shape and size. Plus, they come in a variety of colors that will blend with your swimming pool’s surroundings.


Since an automatic pool cover and its parts are often in contact with the pool water, the durability of an automatic pool cover should be seriously considered. The cover itself should be constructed of top-quality fabrics so that it won’t easily deteriorate over time. The metal parts, on the other hand, should be made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rusting.

To ensure a long-lasting pool cover, you should also check to see if it has a warranty. Manufacturers who are confident of their pool covers’ durability usually back them up with a warranty.

When purchasing automatic pool covers in Stockton, you will also want to make sure that it is certified by the ASTM. An ASTM certification means that the pool cover has met all the safety requirements and specifications. This standard labeling applies to safety covers not only for swimming pools, but also for hot tubs and spas.