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Are Automatic Pool Covers in Modesto Right for All Pools?

If you want a combination of aesthetics, convenience and safety to your swimming pool and the surrounding poolscape, then you must choose automatic pool covers in Modesto. In just one touch of a button or one turn of a key, you can close or open your swimming pool whenever you need it.

There are obvious advantages that an automatic pool cover provides. It keeps your swimming pool clean, keeps little children and pets out of danger and saves you more water, energy and cleaning chemicals.

Of course, one distinct advantage of owning an automatic pool covers is convenience. You don’t have to manually roll up the cover when you’re ready to use it, and close it down after you have used the pool. Using a remote control, you will be able to open or close the pool with little effort.

The first thing that you think about automatic pool covers is one word: expensive. But with the right manufacturer and the right company to install it, the benefits of having an automatic pool cover will certainly outweigh the initial cost. A covered pool reduces evaporation up to 95%, therefore cutting water loss and conserving much of the water in the pool.

A covered pool means reduced cleaning time and effort. Since it keeps out dirt, fallen leaves, twigs and other types of debris out of the swimming pool, you do not have to clean the water from time to time. A covered pool also means reduced consumption of chemicals used to clean and sanitize the water, by 35% to 60%. Covering your pool can also give you energy savings by 50% to 70%! That’s why buying and installing automatic pool covers are also considered a big investment. With all the water and energy savings plus reduced chemical consumption, having an automatic pool cover will definitely be worth the cost and you will get to enjoy a quantifiable return of investment.

Usually, there are two installation options for an automatic pool cover:

Automatic undertrack

Sometimes called “recessed undertrack,” an automatic undertrack consists of a track which is mounted inconspicuously under the pool’s coping and the mechanism is housed under the deck. When the pool is open, the track as well as the cover are hidden from plain sight.

Automatic top track

The automatic top track consists of a low-profile track which is mounted on the deck. When retracted, the cover disappears into a housing which can be installed and is both functional and esthetically pleasing.

But can automatic pool covers accommodate every type and shape of swimming pool? Almost every type of swimming pool can be fitted with an automatic pool cover: standard rectangle pool, oval pools, L-shaped pools, Grecian pools, pools with adjacent spas, separate in-ground spas, pools with raised walls and even free-form pools and infinity or “vanishing edge” pools.

But there are some types of pools that you would not use an automatic cover on. They include multi-level pools and pools of irregular or unusual shape where there is no room in the yard to retrofit a rectangle over the top of the pool.

Apart from those exceptions, automatic pool covers in Modesto can accommodate almost every type of swimming pools and spas. They also come in different colors to enhance the look of your swimming pool and the surrounding poolscape.