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How to Handle Problems with Pool Covers in Stockton

How to Handle Problems with Pool Covers in Stockton

Pool covers in Stockton protect your swimming pool from dirt and debris during the winter. Also, they protect your pool from stains and algae, as well as help maintain proper water balance.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep your pool cover clean and maintained so it will operate correctly.

  1. Leaves and debris pile up on the cover.

    Clean the debris off the top of your cover and do not let it pile up. Debris such as sticks/twigs/rocks can puncture or tear your cover thus leaving an area where the cover will leak. If this happens make sure to patch the cover as soon as possible.

  2. Patch tears or rips as soon as you see them.

    There are many causes of holes or tears on your pool cover. Tree branches or twigs, or animals can tear or scratch the cover.

  3. General Maintenance of your automatic pool cover.

    Like other mechanical things, your automatic pool cover needs at least a yearly maintenance. It is important to lubricate the mechanism, clean debris from the tracks, and to keep your underground vault (if you have one) free of debris and draining properly.

  4. Check the water level in your pool routinely.

    When the pool is leaking, your pool’s water levels will dwindle, and this means a lack of support for the pool cover which can damage the cover or the coping surrounding the pool. Also, if the leaks go undetected, it could also lead your swimming pool to become empty. An empty pool is likely to pop out of the ground, especially if the area you live in has high groundwater.

    • Check your pool’s water levels (at least once or twice a month) and track for any changes in them.
    • If a leak is detected, it is best to maintain water levels until professional help arrives to make repairs.

Pool covers in Stockton can protect your swimming pools from several elements during the winter months. However, it does not mean that pool covers are impervious, especially when they go unchecked. That is why they also require maintenance. The tips mentioned above can help you prevent pool cover damage.