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Safety Pool Covers in the Bay Area Save Lives

Pool covers in the Bay Area are one of the best investments you can ever make to keep your loved ones safe. There are a lot of benefits a good-quality safety pool cover brings, and one of the reasons why pool owners want to install pool covers is because of the safety factor. Especially if they have little children in the family, then a pool cover is indeed a wise decision.

Every year, families suffer pool-related tragedies from simply not covering their pools; unfortunately, children make up most of the deaths. From 2005 to 2009, data shows that there were over 3,500 accidental drownings. The majority of these accidental deaths didn’t happen on the beach or at the public swimming pools, but in fact right in their backyard pool.

The more dreadful fact is that many unsupervised young children account for these pool-related incidences. An estimated 300 children under five years old drown in backyard pools every year. About 4,100 kids suffer injuries sustained from prolonged submersion in the pool and thus need to be admitted to clinics and hospitals. About half of those numbers are suffering serious injuries or the children have been physically disabled by the accident and require extensive treatment.

The sad thing about these deaths and injuries is that they are easily preventable. Parental neglect is often the blame for these deaths especially if their children are too young, particularly toddlers. They are fast, inquisitive, and too young to be aware of the dangers that surround them.

Plus, most children are easily drawn to water and will certainly come near it. By “isolating” the pool with a strong and durable safety pool cover this does away with the temptation kids have because the pool is now completely and securely covered.

Other safety devices such as fences only block access to the pool and alarms will only sound off once your child is in the pool. You don’t want to happen that. A pool cover is the only foolproof way of saving your children from drowning.

Pool Covers, Inc., a company based in California, has been manufacturing safety pool covers for over 30 years. They both have manual and automatic safety pool covers that will secure all points of your pool, restricting entry on all sides. This will ensure that your kids can walk on the covered pool but they cannot go under the cover to get into the water. Their pool covers are made of high-grade and durable materials so they are guaranteed to be tough, flexible, and made to last. You can even be free from fear if your kids are jumping on the covered pool; it will stay in place and will keep your kids safe!

Safety pool cover products from Pool Covers, Inc. use the latest in technology and have exceeded the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Once you choose us, you are ensured of one of the superior pool covers in the country.

Having a backyard pool is an enjoyment for the whole family but it can be a potential cause for tragedy. To avoid this, have your unused swimming pool covered to prevent your kids from getting into the pool. Choose Pool Covers, Inc. for the best safety pool covers in the Bay Area that will save lives of your loved ones.