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Discover the Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers in Woodside

Many pool owners would think that buying automatic pool covers in Woodside is a waste of money. But before you turn away, do you know that pool covers can actually do things like save your money, water, and your loved ones? If you don’t believe it’s true, they can!

Apart from saving money, automatic pool covers can also bring other great things to pool owners like you. So if you’re concerned about having a dirty pool or seeing a diminishing pool water level, pool covers are the solution to your problems.

No pool is complete without a swimming pool cover — it’s not an accessory to swimming pools, but an essential accessory. It’s a simple and a cost-effective way to protect your pool as well as yourself and your loved ones. We know that you enjoy your pool especially during the hot summer months; however make sure that your pool maintains as much of its water whether it’s in use or not.

When you use automatic pool covers in Woodside, you can prevent evaporation by up to 95% so they help you maintain your precious pool water. Plus, automatic pool covers can maintain the temperature of your pool water, making it ideal for energy savings as well. Automatic pool covers also help keep your pool clean because it protects it from debris.

If you have young children at home who are inquisitive and lack a sense of danger, they will most likely approach an uncovered pool. Thousands of Americans die from accidentally drowning, and most of these occur in their own backyard pools. Another benefit of automatic pool covers is that they can prevent accidental drowning. With your pool securely covered, you won’t need to feel anxiety even if your children are near or on the pool. Pool covers will save the lives of your loved ones — not just children, but anyone who doesn’t know how to swim.

When you shop for automatic pool covers in Woodside, seek only trusted distributors such as Pool Covers, Inc. Our Infinity 4000 automatic pool cover is the most high-tech and state-of-the-art pool cover system on the market. Our Infinity automatic pool covers have two-directional, anti-reversing auto-stops which can be operated remotely with just a touch of a button. They also have the world’s first “flood resistant” drive motor with internal control.

Do you know that our Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers also have a Return of Investment? It means that the money that you save each year on heating the pool by using our Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers, will pay for the whole pool-cover system, usually within 3 years. There is simply nothing that you can invest on a pool cover that will give you so much return, not only on energy savings and a return for your money, but also your safety and your family’s as well.

That’s precisely why we say that automatic pool covers will also save you money . . . and then some!

And best of all, our automatic (as well as manual) pool covers exceed the safety standards imposed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and are considered the highest-quality pool covers in the country.

Now that you have discovered the benefits of automatic pool covers in Woodside, do you still think that they’re a waste of money? If you have changed your mind regarding automatic pool covers and are ready to install one on your swimming pool, give Pool Covers, Inc. a call. We are glad to assist you. Contact us at 707-864-6674 or at request4info@poolcoversinc.com for more information.