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Remember to Close Automatic Pool Covers in Woodside

Automatic pool covers in Woodside have been the choice of many pool owners.

When your pool is not in use remember to keep the cover closed. Below is a list of benefits by having your pool in Woodside covered by an automatic safety pool cover.

  • An automatic pool cover can save your swimming pool from drying up. An uncovered pool will lose as much as 30% of water especially when not in use. Imagine that you’re going to lose as much 180 gallons of water per week just because your pool is uncovered. With an automatic pool cover, you can save your pool water by as much as 90% to 95%.
  • While an automatic pool cover prevents water from evaporating, it will also retain much of its heat, which makes it ideal for night swimming. A warm pool heated by just using an automatic pool cover will save you from paying escalating energy bills, thus saving you money.
  • An automatic pool cover will protect your swimming pool from dust, dirt, fallen leaves and branches, and other types of debris. In other words, it helps keep your swimming pool clean. This means you don’t need to spend money on cleaning it.
  • An unused swimming pool “blanketed” by an automatic pool cover will offer an additional safety feature to your home. It will protect your loved ones, especially younger children, from accidentally falling into and drowning in the pool.

One other remarkable benefit that an automatic pool covers offers is the ease of use and convenience. If you don’t want to spend time and effort in covering your pool when it’s not in use and rolling the cover off again when you are about to go swimming, an automatic pool cover should be the one for you. With just one push of a button or switch, and within minutes your pool will be ready to use.

Pool Covers, Inc. has sold several types of safety pool covers for over thirty years. Our Infinity 4000™ electric and hydraulic automatic pool covers use state-of-the-art and advanced technology that will not only protect your swimming pools but also allows ease of operation. Our Infinity 4000™ automatic safety pool covers will not only save you money from energy costs in heating your swimming pool, they also have a Return of Investment (ROI) within three years!

Pool Covers, Inc. products are certified safe because they exceed the ASTM safety standards, making them one of the best pool covers in the industry.

An automatic pool cover in Woodside not only keeps your pool clean, saves you on energy bills, conserves water, and protects the whole family, but you will see a return on your investment relatively quickly. With all these benefits, you will have more reasons to close your swimming pool with an automatic pool cover when it’s not in use.