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Safety Pool Covers in Rancho Cordova Save Lives and Water

Safety pool covers in Rancho Cordova are absolutely necessary to keep your swimming pool in the best condition possible, and to prevent pool-related accidents and injuries.

  1. Safety pool covers offer excellent protection to you and your family. One of the deciding factors for buying a safety pool cover is protection, especially when you still have little children or pets in the household. Safety pool covers are excellent protective barriers that will help prevent incidents of drowning.
  2. Safety pool covers help conserve the pool water by slowing down or stopping evaporation. Evaporation is the process where a liquid turns into vapor. When your swimming pool is not covered, the pool water evaporates. The process will be faster when the season is particularly hot and dry, leading to significant reduction of water levels in your swimming pool.

    Safety pool covers are one of the effective ways of slowing down, or eliminating, evaporation in your swimming pool. Safety pool covers help save up to 95% of your poo water that you would normally lose to evaporation.

Additionally, safety pool covers help retain the heat in the pool, which keeps the water warm throughout – perfect for an evening or an early morning dip. In some areas there is no need to use the pool heater – and this will translate into bigger savings from heating bills.

  1. Safety pool covers help conserve the pool water by keeping it clean. What can you do with a murky and icky-looking pool? It means a woeful waste of water, right? You cannot swim in it either. So to avoid dirty pool water, get yourself a good quality safety pool cover. It bars dust, fallen leaves, twigs, branches, trash, and any other debris from entering the pool. When properly installed, a pool cover can also prevent stagnant water from entering the pool. It’s recommended that you should have a pool cover pump to suck in the collected rainwater or melted snow off the pool cover’s surface. This will remove the stagnant water that will otherwise become breeding places for some insects such as mosquitoes.

Avoid manufacturers who claim that they are selling safety pool covers that otherwise feel like vinyl tarps. Also, do not buy mesh or solar pool covers as they do not offer sufficient protection against accidents. When looking for a safety pool cover, make sure that they are ASTM-certified, which means that these safety pool covers have met the ASTM safety standards. Remember, when talking about the lives of your family and loved ones, you cannot afford to take chances and end up purchasing an inferior pool cover.

Safety pool covers are “one tool that does it all” that bring a lot of benefits. One, they serve as a protective barrier against pool-related accidents such as drowning. Two, they prevent water loss due to evaporation as well as help keep the pool water warm. And three, Safety pool covers in Rancho Cordova are an absolute must for everyone who owns a swimming pool!