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How to Care for Swimming Pool Covers in El Dorado

Swimming pool covers in El Dorado should be considered an investment – the higher the price of the pool cover (that also includes the installation) generally correlates to a higher quality of the fabric.

But having a high-quality swimming pool cover doesn’t mean you don’t need to maintain and take care of it. Even if you’ve got the best swimming pool cover around, it may wear out over time particularly if you don’t keep it in the optimum condition possible.

Regular maintenance guarantees the long-lasting useful life and functionality of your swimming pool cover. Here are some useful tips that you should follow to keep your swimming pool cover in El Dorado in top shape:

  1. Skim the leaves and other debris off the surface of the pool cover regularly. Leaving the standing water on the surface of the pool cover will result in undue stress on it – the rainwater will certainly add weight to the pool cover, causing it to wear out over time.
  2. Place a pool cover pump in areas where the pool cover collects rainwater the most. Place the pump’s hose to any receptacle or drainage.
  3. While it is important to chlorinate your pool water, you should be aware of how mild or harsh the chlorine is as to affect the condition of the pool cover. Make sure to use only pure chlorine (at least 96% pure). When adding powdered shocks to the chlorine, use them with caution – too much of the powdered shocks can result in corrosion and eventual damage to the pool cover as well as its metal attachments. It is important to let the chemicals dissipate before closing the cover after these treatments.
  4. Regularly check the water levels of your swimming pool. When you think that a too low water level (way below the skimmer) is fine, you may be mistaken – it will cause unnecessary stress on the fabric which can cause eventual damage to it. Otherwise, if the pool water completely covers the skimmer, the debris cannot get in, so the skimmer won’t be able to effectively clean the pool water. Plus, the overflowing water may leak out of the pool cover and may wash debris and insects into the pool.
  5. Take out the pool cover at least once a week to release the gases from the chlorine and other cleaning chemicals in the water. Releasing those chemical gases would help in preventing them from corroding the pool cover.
  6. Check the pool cover for any signs of wear and tear. If the damage is just small (not exceeding six inches), it can be addressed by a simple mending. Otherwise, larger damage means replacing it with a new pool cover.

You have invested a lot of resources to purchase a good quality swimming pool covers in El Dorado, and for a quality installation. Doing regular checks and maintenance on pool covers ensure their long and useful life.