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Swimming Pool Covers Rancho Cordova: Are They Strong Enough?

Strength and durability are among the important considerations that people look for swimming pool covers in Rancho Cordova. Particularly if they are looking for safety pool covers, they want to make sure that they are strong enough to support an individual’s weight to prevent drowning (and allow a rescue operation).

“Are these pool covers strong enough?” To start with, refer to the standard weight imposed by ASTM International who specifies that the pool cover’s material should be able to hold a weight of 485 pounds (about 220 kilos). So why did ASTM decide on this weight? It’s because that is the average weight of two adults and one child – the anticipated amount of weight that a pool cover material is required to hold to mimic two adults running across the pool cover to rescue a child who has fallen onto it. The pool cover should able to support that weight without ripping or tearing.

To give anyone an idea what a strong and good-quality pool cover is made of, it is typically made up of a combination of polyester fibers and PVC resin. Several manufacturers also apply other additives or treatments to make pool covers more resistant to chafing, quick fading, chemicals, UV rays and many other elements that can potentially decrease the pool cover’s useful life.

Although most swimming pool covers look strong and solid, there’s one thing that you should not forget: that they are not designed to be walked on. If you have little children, pets, or non-swimmers in your household, then it is highly recommended that you should install a pool cover that is strong enough to support more than a few pounds. Aside from the durability of the pool cover material, you should also consider its installation over the pool. How correct or proper is the installation? ASTM also has the say for that: the pool cover must not deflect or allow an opening for a child or a pet to pass through and have access to the pool.

To make sure that you’re buying the strongest pool cover on the market, you should look for a reputable manufacturer who has a considerable amount of years of experience and expertise in installing pool covers. Of course, their products should have also passed the ASTM safety standards and offer at least a ten-year warranty depending upon the type of pool cover you choose. A few excellent swimming pool covers have even exceeded the ASTM standards – such as Pool Covers, Inc.’s manual and automatic pool covers – giving assurance and confidence that clients are getting the best swimming pool covers in Rancho Cordova that are worth every penny they spend.