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Safety Pool Covers Hillsborough – Choosing the Right Company

There are many pool cover companies in California, so if you’re shopping for safety pool covers in Hillsborough, you want to choose the right one. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a company to install covers for your swimming pools or spas:

1. Experience or reputation
When customers seek out a company or manufacturer who makes the best pool covers most of them go to the ones who have the most experience. Working for many years in the business means that the company is quite familiar with and well-versed in their job. It also means they have obviously undertaken more projects compared to companies who are new in the business. This is true especially for companies who install automatic swimming pool and solar heating cover installation. You will also want to know how familiar they are in regards to installing covers for many types of pools, from the traditional pools to the irregularly-shaped pools to infinity pools.

Companies who are more experienced usually are professional and have excellent customer service. You also want to know how the company treats its clients and if they promptly respond to their concerns. The best way to do this is to ask for references and then check them.

It would also be helpful to check out the Better Business Bureau’s website (bbb.org) to see if the company has received any complaints from its consumers. If it has received any (especially more than one or two complaints), then it should be a red flag and indicate you do not want to work with them.

2. License
Here in California every company is required to obtain a license in order to run their businesses. Having a license means that the company is legitimate and has not committed any outstanding violations which would hinder them from re-applying for a license. With a licensed company you can expect that this company also delivers quality service. This is another factor that should be seriously taken into account before hiring a company.

3. Safety and insurance
Take time to do a background check on the company to know if it has a good safety record. Also important is to find out if the company is insured. Having insurance will financially protect both of the parties — you as a customer and the company — in case of accidents. No matter how experienced or conscientious a company’s employees are, accidents do happen. If the potential company is indeed insured, ask what kind of insurance it has. They should not be offended by the question.

4. The quality of materials
Make sure that the pool cover company uses high-grade materials in manufacturing their pool covers. Pool Covers, Inc. sells the PCS™ Fabric for pool covers and has for over 30 years. This fabric is considered the strongest and the most durable pool cover fabric in the industry! Our vinyl covers never shrink or warp because they are made of polyester-based fabric which is meticulously controlled during the weaving process. It is also resistant to chlorine and abrasion, and is algae-free. The covers also carry a seven-year pro-rated warranty. What is best of all, our products are built to exceed the standards set by the ASTM International!

You don’t want to settle working with a company who is inferior both in terms of service and quality of materials. Remember that not only is the cleanliness of your swimming pool your concern but more importantly you want to ensure your safety and your family’s. With a little research on the company’s background you will be able to choose the right company who is not only experienced, professional, licensed and insured, but also uses the finest quality safety pool covers in Hillsborough.