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Replacing Swimming Pool Covers in Santa Rosa

It is inevitable that swimming pool covers in Santa Rosa will wear out over time. If this is the case, there is no recourse but to replace their fabric.

But before you decide to replace your existing pool cover, first find out if it really needs to be replaced. Here are the signs to look out for if you think your current pool cover needs replacement — and why replacement is always better compared to patching up the pool cover by yourself.

1. Over time a pool cover depreciates its quality due to a variety of factors. These include:

  • Chemicals that are used to clean the pool (like chlorine and anti-algae chemicals). Their harshness can corrode the pool cover in the long run.
  • Changes in temperature. If there are major changes in the temperature, especially over the course of time, it may cause the swimming pool cover to degrade.

Check your pool cover for any signs of tears, cracks, or peeling brought by any of the factors above as these are the usual signs that it may need immediate replacement.

2. The materials used in the pool cover can affect its useful life. Check your pool cover’s surface — it must be smooth and elastic, not rigid and brittle. You may use the pool cover if it’s stiff, but don’t expect a longer lifespan in that condition. A stiff pool cover tends to break more easily, and you may not have much time for a replacement before it gives in altogether.

3. Weather condition
A pool cover is prone to damage mostly during the winter season, so your pool cover should be durable enough to protect it. If the pool cover isn’t able to withstand the effects of winter weather in your area, you will want to replace your old pool cover as soon as the warmer weather returns to ensure it keeps you, your family, and your pets safe.

Pool Covers, Inc. is one of biggest pool cover installers in California. No matter the make or model of your existing pool cover, we are ready to replace your worn-down pool cover with new fabric. Our pool covers are made from reinforced polyester mesh to add durability and resistance to any types of condition. In addition to that, they are made to fit to every manufacturer’s system, whether you currently use a Pool Covers, Inc. cover or a competitor’s.

But what makes Pool Covers, Inc.’s replacement fabrics stand out from its competitors is that it uses its very own formulation, the PCS™ Fabric, which is the strongest and most durable pool cover fabric in the industry! Made with the finest materials, our replacement covers are abrasion- and chlorine-resistant, do not shrink and warp, and are algae-free. And they carry a seven-year pro-rated warranty!

Swimming pool covers in Santa Rosa are supposed to be life savers, so it’s highly recommended to buy one of the best covers available. Don’t wait for your pool cover to give up completely. Replace your old cover before it’s too late – and keep your loved ones safe.