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Which Are the Best Safety Pool Covers in Woodside?

Are you shopping for the best safety pool covers in Woodside? Which are the best ones? It depends on the type of swimming pool you have, or your own needs. There are lots of safety swimming pool covers out there and each is designed to serve different functions and purposes.

1. Track-style pool covers
If you want to have all-year round maintenance for your swimming pool, a track-style pool cover is ideal. These types of pool covers are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic types. Most track-style pool covers are manufactured from reinforced vinyl and are guided by low-profile tracks.

Automatic Pool Cover – it uses a motor-powered reel system to cover and uncover the pool at the turn of the key or a push of the button. These types of pool covers are the most convenient and easiest to use.

Track Manual – it covers the pool by pulling the rope connected to a handle, and when the pool is ready to use, the fabric uncovers the pool by turning the crank handle. When not in use, the pool cover is stored in its own reel.

2.Fastener Style Manual cover
Also known as the tie-down pool cover, a manual pool cover is the more cost-effective way of keeping your pool safe while still maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool and eliminating evaporation. A manual cover can be made of mesh or solid vinyl. The fabric is covered across the pool through attaching its springs and adjustable straps to the anchors, which are installed on the decks. This type of pool cover protects the water from dust, dirt and debris as well as preventing the water from evaporating.

All of the above mention swimming pool covers are considered Safety pool covers and are required to meet the ASTM International F1346-91 standards. Manufacturers of safety pool covers are ordered to demonstrate that the covers should be able to support a minimum of 485 pounds (about 220 kilograms) within three feet in diameter. They should also have no spaces for any child or pet to slip through, and have enough drainage for rainwater on the top of cover to keep the cover from drowning.

Safety pool covers are available in tie-down or track systems, and are manufactured from solid vinyl or threaded nylon mesh. The mesh covers allow rainwater to enter the pool while keeping the debris out, while solid vinyl needs a cover pump to prevent rain or snow water from accumulating.

Choosing a safety pool cover will depend on the homeowner. Factors such as budget, ease of use, and size/shape of your pool will factor into the choice. If you are not sure about it, you can contact the pool cover company and discuss with them the best option for you. They will suggest the pool covers in Woodside, or the surrounding area, that are best for your swimming pool.