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Pool Covers Modesto – Why Water Evaporates

Pool Covers Modesto – Why Water Evaporates

If you happen to own a backyard swimming pool, you may worry about the chances of your pool water evaporating when left uncovered. Pool covers in Modesto will be an effective solution to protect your pool water from the effects of evaporation.

Water evaporation rates depend on the weather or climatic conditions, but in general, the rates go higher in hot, dry and windy climates. That’s not to say, though, that you should not cover your pool when the day is cloudy. It’s also a good idea to cover your pool during such conditions to block wind-blown leaves and twigs from entering the pool.

However, covering your pool is considered a must, especially if you live in warmer regions

How does the water evaporate?

Swimming pools generally lose about a quarter of an inch of water every day. The combination of any of the following factors will lead to higher evaporation rates.

Exposure to sunlight

If your pool happens to be situated under direct sunlight and lacks any shade or screen above it, it will have increased evaporation rates.


A seasonal temperature’s searing heat can also be a huge culprit to the pool water loss. During the summertime, temperatures can rise as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As the pool water heats up, contact with the water causes steam, which leads to evaporation.

Low humidity

Humidity is the water vapor content of the air. It also affects water evaporation. The more humid the air, the more saturated it is, which leads to low rates of evaporation. It happens when the weather is cool and cloudy.

The less humid the air, on the other hand, the less water content it has. As a result, the air becomes drier and hotter, which leads to higher rates of water absorption. If you happen to live in warmer areas where there is little to no humidity, it can be the cause of evaporation in your swimming pool.


Wind can also contribute to pool water loss. Winds blowing over a water surface can carry water vapor, essentially making the air dry. This leads to increased evaporation rates.

A pool cover is an effective way to reduce evaporation in your swimming pool. When it covers the pool, it functions as a barrier which blocks the water vapors from dissipating in the air. It can reduce evaporation by up to 95%. That alone is the reason why you should consider buying a pool cover.

But there are also other benefits of using a pool cover. In addition to preventing evaporation, the pool cover also keeps the water warm since it traps heat inside the pool, making it more inviting for a nighttime or early morning swim. It also saves you on energy and chemical usage, which translates to significant savings on money. If you buy a safety swimming pool cover you will get the added benefit of safety while your pool is not in use.

Using pool covers in Modesto is a great way to attain all of the benefits just discussed.