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Pool Covers in Modesto – Check Your Pool Cover When Opening Your Pool

Pool Covers in Modesto – Check Your Pool Cover When Opening Your Pool

After a long cold spell, the sun is shining, and the weather is starting to warm up. For any backyard pool owner, it’s time again for a season of fun! But before jumping in, be sure that your pool is ready. In addition to checking the pool itself, take time to check pool covers in Modesto that protect your backyard’s watery paradise.

Prepare your pool for swimming, and it would be best to have all your materials ready to go.

  1. The first step is to remove the swimming pool cover. If there are leaves, twigs, or other visible debris on the cover, use a leaf net to remove them.
  2. If the pool cover is solid, there’s a chance of standing water on the surface. Pump the water off the surface with a cover pump.
  3. You may have to add more water to the pool to keep the level up to normal.
  4. If you have not cleaned your filter thoroughly, you should do it now.
  5. After opening the pool, you will want to reconnect all pool equipment you disconnected before the winter season. They include a pool filter, pump, heater, automatic pool cleaner, inline chlorinator, and other equipment.
  6. Re-attach pool accessories like ladders, handrails, diving board, etc.
  7. Check for any leaks.
  8. Inspect the pool itself. If you use a solid cover during winter, the water should be clean and clear as you close it. If not, you will want to remove any debris with a leaf net or leaf rake.
  9. Assess your pool water’s chemistry, and measure it by using a test kit or test strips. If necessary, add chemicals. It’s important to know your pool water’s chemistry first before adding chemicals because this will help you determine how many chemicals your pool water exactly needs. To begin with, test the water for total alkalinity, pH, chlorine, calcium hardness, and stabilizer levels. Follow the manufacturer’s label procedure to prevent damage to your pool’s surface.
  10. Shock your pool water to get rid of the bacteria and contaminants.

Checking your pool cover

After opening the pool, clean the cover thoroughly and let it dry. You may also want to check your pool cover for any rips or tears.

During winter, frozen water on your pool cover may puncture your pool cover. Your pool cover may have also come under the weight of heavy snow (at least two feet high of it), which may sag or stretch it and ultimately cause damage.

Depending on the damage, you may have to patch it. But if the tear is too great to be worth repairing, it’s time to replace your pool cover.

As your pool’s crystal-clear blue waters are ready for swimming, it sets the stage for easier maintenance throughout the warm months.

No matter what type of pool covers in Modesto, they deserve proper maintenance and care, especially the covers that protect your pool during harsh winter conditions. Even covers that are reputed to be durable should also be maintained to ensure that they are in good shape when you use them again throughout the warm months.