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Pool Covers Clovis: Every Pool Needs a Safety Cover and Here Is Why

Pool Covers Clovis: Every Pool Needs a Safety Cover and Here Is Why

While it’s nice having a swimming pool in your backyard, it also means big responsibility. You have to keep your backyard pool in top condition – keeping it clean, maintaining normal water levels, and ensuring the pool water’s chemicals are in balance. But did you know that pool covers in Clovis can help with all these things?

Some pool owners only use a pool cover during the colder months, but there are several advantages of using it throughout the year. Here are the reasons why every swimming pool needs a safety cover:

It keeps your pool clean

Scooping out fallen leaves, twigs, and other trash and debris each week can be quite tiresome, especially when you or your family want to take a swim. To make matters worse, if leaves and other debris are left in the water for a long time, algae may grow. This could cause the swimming pool water to become cloudy and lead to a chemical imbalance. A pool cover can help dirt and debris out of the pool which means you’ll have to do less work.

It prevents evaporation

Evaporation occurs throughout the year, but it goes faster during the hot summer months. A pool cover blocks the excess heat from reaching the water surface and traps moisture from evaporating. This can prevent you from having to fill your pool as often as needed, thus reducing water bills.

It retains heat in the pool

While a pool cover blocks excess heat from the outside, it retains enough heat in the water so you may not need to heat it as often. It may keep it warm enough for a relaxing evening dip or an invigorating morning swim. There’s no need to turn on the pool water heater, therefore reducing exorbitant energy bills.

It reduces chemical usage

Chemicals are used to keep your water healthy and safe, even as leaves and other debris may cause an imbalance in the water. However, using a pool cover can greatly reduce the need to use chemicals time and again, keeping your pool cleaner for a longer time.

It reduces time on maintenance

A pool is supposed to be a place for relaxation and enjoyment and is not as a place to spend your time cleaning. With a pool cover, there’s less cleaning and vacuuming, less evaporation to bother with, reduced water heater usage, and less use on chemicals to balance your pool again.

It saves money

A pool cover saves you significant water and energy savings. With a clean and pristine pool to come home to, you don’t have to spend too much on chemicals to re-balance the pool every so often.

While installing a pool cover may require payment upfront, it can save you both time and money over the long run. If you need a pool cover in Clovis or the surrounding cities, call Pool Covers, Inc. at 1-707-864-6674 to discuss your pool cover needs.