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Pool Covers San Jose – Choosing a Pool Cover Company

Buying pool covers in San Jose is indeed a serious business, so there’s also no dilly-dallying as to choosing a pool cover company. Since there are so many pool covers companies in California vying to get your business, you will want to be prudent and even a bit cautious enough before choosing for a company to install a pool cover for your swimming pool.

What makes a company qualified to install a top-of-the-line cover for your pool? Here are some of the things that you will definitely want to look for in a good pool cover company:

1. Experience
Most clients are looking companies with a wealth of experience behind them. A seasoned company means that it is quite familiar with the job of installing pool covers, no matter the material (solid or mesh), their type (manual or automatic) as well as the type of pool it is going to install the covers on (regular-shaped pool, irregular-shaped pool, tiered pool, or infinity pool). If a company has many years of experience installing automatic or solar-heating pool covers in particular, then that would be a big plus.

2. Reputation
Experience and reputation go hand-in-hand with each other. The reputation of a pool cover company doesn’t only rest on their years of experience and expertise but also the good relations it has with its clients. Does that company treat its clients well? Does it respond immediately to their questions and concerns? If the answers are a resounding yes, then it is a sign of a good company. If they have good relations with their clients, it means the company’s reputation is good.

If the company is the traditional “brick-and-mortar” business (which operates from its own office as opposed to doing their trade from home), it’s also a great sign of a reputable company.

3. License
Most states, including California, require companies to show their valid licenses in order to operate their businesses. A valid license is also a sign of their good reputation. It means that they’re not a “fly-by-night” company — they are legal, abide by the state laws and regulations of doing businesses, and have not committed any outstanding violations that will keep them from renewing their license. It is important to make sure that the pool cover company is licensed to ensure you have recourse should the need arise.

4. Comments from its previous clients
If there was only one sure way to know that a pool cover company is a good one, then listen to what their previous customers think about them. If you have neighbors with covered pools, ask them about the experience. Was it a breeze or a burden working with the installer? What kind of pool covers did they use? How long did it take them to complete the job? Were they professional? Did they treat the clients well? Does the company also do repairs? If they provide positive comments, then it should be a reputable company. In fact, if the company is more than just good enough, the clients may even recommend it to you. Otherwise, they will discourage you from working with that company.

Also check out the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) to see if a particular company has received any negative comments or complaints from its clients. If there are negative marks against the company, you may want to look for another.

5. Safety and insurance
Don’t’ forget to check with the company if they have a good safety record. You may also prefer to choose a company that also offers free consultations. It is also important to ask the company if they are insured. If it has insurance, it will protect both its clients as well as its employees in case of accidents. Also, you will want to ask about the kind of insurance they have.

6. Quality of their products
Make sure that the company’s products are of high-grade and durable vinyl that is elastic and smooth (not rigid and brittle, as this condition will shorten the pool cover’s lifespan). Their pool covers, especially the safety pool covers, should meet or exceed the ASTM International standards.

You should also trust your instincts — most often they are right. If a company is forcing you to make a quick decision without further thought, asking you to pay the full price upfront (and especially in large amounts), or offers you an estimate which is lower than usual, then you should stop there. You have the right to doubt that this company is not to be trusted.

Pool covers provide great benefits — they save money, energy and lives. You should remember that pool covers in San Jose are a big investment so it is best to choose the best pool cover company possible to install a safety cover for your swimming pool.