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Replacing Pool Covers in Napa Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Pool covers in Napa are designed to protect your pool from evaporative loss and dirt as well as to protect people from drowning. They are an important benefit to pool ownership. However, pool covers decline over time so you want to take steps to ensure that your cover lasts as long as it can.

If your pool cover does have any visible damage, you may ask yourself if it should be repaired or replaced. That depends on the extent of the damage. Any rip or tear which is six inches or less should be a pretty easy fix. But if the tear is too long then it is no longer functional in protecting your swimming pool from dirt or keep people from drowning. So it is more reasonable to replace it altogether with a newer one. You should always consult a pool cover technician to get important information about the safety of your pool cover. Always have a qualified technician inspect your cover.

Replacing pool covers doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s pretty much like buying a pool cover for the first time. If you already know what you need in a pool cover, then it shouldn’t be too hard to choose which style of pool cover you are about to buy.

Winter covers are perfect for areas that experience very cold winters by barring snow from entering into the pool thus, keeping it from freezing, however they are not required for all areas of the country.

If swimming during summer nights is your thing but you want to save energy from heating bills, solar covers (or bubble covers) are ideal.

Finally, if you have a small child or pet at home, go with a safety cover. Safety covers are especially strong to support the weight of a child or small animal and are used to protect them from accidental drowning. You can choose between automatic or manual style safety swimming pool covers.

There are a lot of benefits with using an automatic pool cover, especially if you choose Pool Covers, Inc.’s state-of-the-art Infinity 4000™ automatic pool cover system. It features bi-directional, anti-reversing auto-stops, a low-voltage key switch which is remotely operated, as well as power options that include the “flood resistant” drive motor with internal control — the first one in the world. It is available in electric and hydraulic types.

An automatic cover not only offers the same benefits as a manual pool cover plus convenience, Pool Covers, Inc.’s Infinity 4000™ pool covers also have a Return on Investment (ROI). It means that by using our Infinity 4000™ pool covers, you save money on heat and chemicals, you can save as much as 70%.

Replacing pool covers in Napa doesn’t have to be a very difficult decision especially if you already know the dimensions of your pool, the specific purpose you want in a pool cover, as well as choosing an established pool cover company that will provide durable pool covers that will be able to serve its purpose for many years to come.