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Caring for Swimming Pool Covers in San Jose

Swimming pool covers in San Jose are not certainly built to last for a lifetime. But if you take measures in caring for them, it will help them extend their useful life for several years. Even if your pool cover has a service warranty of at least one year, these measures will reduce your need to make a service call too often.

If your automatic or manual swimming pool cover has any tears or holes that are less than six inches in length then it should be a pretty easy repair. Whether you do your own repair or call a professional.

Cleaning the pool deck regularly actually helps in extending your pool cover’s useful life. When the pool deck and tracks are cleaned, the pool cover will be less likely to collect dirt and debris which may affect its quality.

Another important way to care for your pool cover is to maintain the appropriate water levels in your swimming pool. If the water levels are too low, the pool cover will end up sagging. Even if the pool cover is held and supported by tracks it still derives much of its strength by the pool water itself.

Do not forget to clean the cover. If you’re rolling up or retracting the pool cover off the pool, clean it by spraying it off, wiping it clean, and letting it dry before storing.

Drain any excess water that gets on the pool cover by pumping it off. Excess water that stays stagnant on the surface of the pool cover tends to build up algae as well as provide a place for mosquitoes to breed. Also, standing water on top of a pool cover can be a potential drowning hazard.

If you’re going to shock or super-chlorinate your pool, it’s better to leave your pool uncovered with the filtration running until the chlorine levels are safe and the pool is ready to use again. The pool should be supervised while still uncovered to prevent possible accidents.

Inspect your pool cover at least once a month. If you’re using an automatic cover, also do a quick check on the motor and other components. Make sure that the cover rolls evenly, the motor doesn’t make grinding noises, there are no loose screws, etc. If your automatic cover has a motor below ground (in a vault) make sure the vault drains of standing water and it is kept clean of debris. If you want to assure yourself that everything works fine, it’s not a bad idea to have your pool cover installation staff be sent over to check the condition of your pool cover as well as to do some preventative maintenance. Typically maintenance is recommended at least once per year.

A pool cover serves to protect your pool from dirt and natural elements as well as to protect your family and guests from accidental drowning. If you want to maintain and extend the useful life of your pool cover it is important to take care of it. Maintaining swimming pool covers in San Jose is not really that expensive at all and in fact it is fairly easy to do.