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Maintenance Needed for Automatic Covers in Woodside?

Just like manual pool covers, automatic covers in Woodside also need to be maintained in order to extend its useful life.

Automatic pool covers are a popular feature on many backyard pools. They keep your pool clean, conserve pool water, conserve heat as well as provide unsurpassed safety. These things make automatic pool covers a product to be protected and maintained. But maintenance is not as expensive as it’s thought to be.

Cleaning the pool deck and the tracks around the pool will minimize the likelihood of a dirty pool cover (as well as dirty water). Cleaning the pool cover itself is the easiest when it is dry or nearly dry. Use a leaf blower to blow off most of the leaves or a soft broom to sweep them off the cover.

Make sure that your pool has enough water to provide an adequate support for the pool cover. Since the pool cover is pretty heavy, much of its weight should be supported by the pool water even though it is held in the tracks by the webbing. If the water levels are too low, the cover will end up drooping.

Chemicals in the water need to be maintained properly. The best way to preserve the quality of your pool cover is to maintain the chemical balance of the pool water as well as levels of chlorine.

Doing a quick inspection on your automatic pool cover on a regular basis is absolutely recommended.

If you have trees with branches over the pool, it’s best to clear them to prevent leaves and branches from falling onto the pool cover. Trim the overgrown shrubs along the sides of the pool as well. The fallen leaves, twigs, and branches may also contribute to the damage of the pool cover.

As you are doing the inspections, also make sure that the motor still functions well and doesn’t make rough noises, and the cover rolls out and back evenly. Stains on the cover are something to be expected. Clean the pool cover with an appropriate amount of soap and water — make sure that the soap you’ll be is gentle and nonabrasive. Or simply use a pool brush to gently scrub away the dirt and marks on the pool cover.

You will also want to check if there is any visual damage on the pool cover. Any small holes or rips can be easily fixed with patching. However, larger tears in the cover or sides may mean it is time for a replacement.

Call for the services of your pool cover provider’s technical staff once a year to check on the automatic pool cover system and to perform some necessary preventative maintenance. Make sure you point out to them what needs to be inspected and fixed (if necessary) e.g., possible loose screws, unusually noisy motor, or any other issues you may notice. It wouldn’t hurt to send the tech over for a fee, to make sure that your automatic pool cover system is working smoothly.

If you do any of these steps, your automatic pool covers in Woodside will last for several years without the need for major repairs and maintenance.