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Pool Covers Kentfield – It’s Almost Pool Time Again

Summer time is almost here, and it means everyone is raring to go swimming and have fun in the sun. Many of us cannot wait to get our swimming pools ready and have a cool and soothing dip in the water.

Since swimming pools are bound to be used a lot as the hot season looms, you should also be aware that the scorching summer heat will be one of the issues you have to encounter. When not in use, for instance, you should use pool covers in Kentfield to prevent water loss due to evaporation. When the swimming pool is uncovered when not in use, it is the most susceptible to evaporation which reduces the pool’s water levels.

Take time to inspect your swimming pool to see if its water levels significantly drop. If they are, it could be more than just evaporation. There might be a leak, which drains your swimming pool at a much faster rate. If a leak has been confirmed, you should have it fixed as soon as possible. You also want to remind anyone that splashing and boisterous water play in the pool will not help to conserve water.

Even if the water loss is mostly caused by evaporation, you should not take this lightly. Evaporation is still one of a pool owner’s biggest concerns especially during the summer season. Regular-sized pools that are left uncovered for long will cause you to lose 25,000 to 50,000 gallons of water per year due to evaporation, where the water turns into a vapor. You then need to put a hose into the pool to re-fill it, which means more water consumption and leads to a rise in your water bill each time it has to be re-filled.

Covering your pool is still the most economical and effective solution to prevent water loss due to evaporation. Buying a pool cover and having it installed is the best move you can make to keep your swimming pool’s water levels where they should be.

A pool cover acts as a barrier that prevents the water from evaporating. The blocked vapors turn into moisture which drips back into the swimming pool. Not only does a pool cover help in reducing evaporation, it even helps in maintaining your swimming pool’s water levels. A covered pool can help reduce evaporation by 90% to 95%.

Another thing about pool covers is they provide other benefits such as keeping your pool clean from debris as well as acting as a safety barrier to prevent children and pets from drowning in the pool. If you use a good quality and durable safety pool cover, you can reap a lot more benefits from it than just preventing your pool from drying up.

We know that you are excited for the summer season again and it’s time to swim and relax in the swimming pool once more. If you haven’t got pool covers for your Kentfield pool yet, then it’s time you to do it so you will be able to save more water. The more water saved, the more reason to have fun in the pool!