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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

For New Pool Covers in Alamo Choose Pool Covers, Inc.

More property owners are aware of the great benefits that pool cover provides. That’s why, despite knowing of the additional costs, people want to ensure water conservation, pool and pool water cleanliness, and safety by installing new pool covers in Alamo.

Buying a pool cover is a long term investment you have to make sure that the pool cover you buy is good quality, lasts over a long period of time, and is durable.

You also want to buy a cover that will fit to your swimming pool, depending on its type — aboveground or underground, and its shape – rectangular, circular, oval or free-form. You should know your pool’s type and specific shape so that you will be able to choose a pool cover that will adequately protect your pool.

Convenience and budget are other things to consider. If you want to save time and labor in covering and uncovering your swimming pool and you have the budget, then an automatic pool cover may be your best option. For others who still want a good-quality pool cover but are otherwise wary of the cost, they may settle with a manual pool cover which will do just as great as the automatic one.

Good pool covers should also be made by a reputable company. Most buyers prefer an established brand of pool covers because these people know that they are of high quality and guaranteed to last. If an established pool cover company is what they’re looking for, then buy from Pool Covers, Inc. for the new pool cover needs.

Pool Covers, Inc. is a California-based company that has been installing premium quality pool covers for over 30 years. They install both high-grade manual and automatic safety pool and spa covers and also have a wide range of other swimming pool safety products. They service clients from all over Northern California.

For those who want to have their automatic pool cover installed, we have state-of-the-art automatic electric and hydraulic Infinity 4000™ automatic pool covers from which to choose.

Both our electric and hydraulic automatic pool covers feature bi-directional, anti-reversing auto stops, a remote low-voltage key switch, and a power menu that includes “flood resistant” controls, which are the first in the world. We offer three types of automatic pool cover installations: automatic undertrack, recessed toptrack, and automatic toptrack. Automatic covers pools can fit any size and shape of swimming pool. With just one switch, your swimming pool will be covered when not in use and opened when it’s ready for your swimming pleasure.

What’s more, not only will you save energy from having to pay the heating bills for your swimming pools, our Infinity 4000™ is guaranteed to have a Return on Investment (ROI), typically for three years.

If you want to cover your swimming pool but an automatic pool cover just isn’t practical, you can opt for your highly customizable manual pool cover. They come in two types: the manual snap-down pool cover and the track manual pool cover. The manual snap-down pool cover is equipped with fasteners that are guaranteed to secure your swimming pools when not in use. This type of manual pool cover is suitable for any kind and shape of swimming pool, multi-level pools, and pools that aren’t used frequently but need protection. For small to mid-sized pools, the track manual safety pool cover will be your best bet. It can be even upgraded into an automatic pool cover.

Both the manual and Infinity 4000™ pool covers offer the same functions and benefits: prevent decreasing water levels from evaporation, maintain cleanliness of the pool itself and the pool water, and provide protection and safety to you and your family.

Pool Covers, Inc. also offers a wide range of cover fabric colors that will suit your preference. Like our products themselves, our service is also of high quality. Apart from installing the safety pool covers, they also do repairs. They arrive at the site promptly so that we can perform the service that you deserve.

When shopping for new pool covers in Alamo, you may settle for no less than Pool Covers, Inc. Their many years of experience and expertise will guarantee you of a durable, high-grade safety pool cover that uses the latest technology in pool cover design. Buying our pool covers will be the safest and wisest investment you’ll ever make. For more information about their products and services, contact Pool Covers, Inc. at 707-864-6674 or request4info@poolcoversinc.com.