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Automatic Pool Covers in Granite Bay: What to Know Before Adding One

Automatic Pool Covers in Granite Bay: What to Know Before Adding One

Automatic pool covers in Granite Bay are wonderful additions to residential backyard pools. Unlike what people may think, automatic pool covers are not mere accessories or items of luxury. They are essential to keeping a swimming pool safe for your family and pets.

It is good to educate yourself regarding automatic pool covers – what benefits they can provide, what are the different types of an automatic pool covers available, and which cover options will work best for your swimming pool. Thinking about those factors will help you decide whether or not it is worth having an automatic pool cover on your pool.

The benefits of an automatic pool cover

Why add an automatic pool cover?

While the upfront costs may seem high – the benefits will outweigh those costs.

  • It keeps your pool clean.
  • It reduces evaporation.
  • It keeps your water warm.
  • It reduces energy costs.
  • It reduces water costs.
  • It reduces chemical usage.
  • It acts as a safety barrier.

You will actually save money with an automatic pool cover.

Different types of automatic pool cover

Once you have decided that an automatic pool cover will be a great addition to your little watery paradise, it will help to know about the different types.

  • On-deck tracks – On-deck tracks are probably the most common option. It consists of a set of low-profile tracks that run the length of your swimming pool. Both the motor and cover are installed on one side of the pool deck. A bench is typically used to hide the system. Since the track is installed on top of the deck, this type of automatic pool cover can be installed on swimming pools of any shape. On-deck tracks are recommended for existing pools.
  • Hidden tracks – If you want the track to be completely hidden, this option will serve your needs. The pool cover runs along the track, which is not installed on the deck, but is recessed under the decking/coping. The mechanism and cover drum can also be hidden, installed in a vault underground. However, hidden tracks can be installed only on rectangular pools and are not recommended for existing pools.

There is another way to choose your automatic pool cover – by way of operation:

  • Track Manual Cover –works much like an automatic pool cover, only it is operated by hand-cranking it. It features a low-profile track on the pool deck. The hand crank feature allows you to extend the cover (in closing the pool) and retract it (in opening the pool). The cover is extended over the pool by pulling a rope which is connected to the handle. A manual automatic cover is recommended for small-to-medium-sized pools, and it’s great for those who are on a budget but still want an automatic pool cover. Another benefit of using a manual automatic cover is that it isn’t powered by electricity, thus saving you money.
  • Electric-powered automatic cover – This type of automatic pool cover runs by way of a rope-and-pulley system, just like in the manual automatic cover. But instead of the hand-crank mechanism, it is run by an electric motor. Closing and opening the pool is done remotely by a push of the button or turning a key switch, which leads to easy and no-sweat operation. However, some electrical work is required to run the power necessary to the motor mechanism.

Automatic pool covers also make handsome investments, as they also help save money, energy, and cleaning chemicals. Plus, automatic pool covers do a great job as a safety barrier. Another benefit is that any inground swimming pool can have automatic pool covers in Granite Bay added. Whether you are building a new pool or renovating an existing one, you still can add an automatic pool cover.