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Is It Time for an Automatic Pool Cover in Danville?

Automatic pool covers in Danville are important for saving lives, protecting your pool, and saving water. Although pool projects are getting pricier each day, many homeowners relish the idea of installing an automatic pool covers. And why not? An automatic pool cover is convenient and fuss-free – all you have to do is to push a button, and your automatic cover will close the pool when it is not in use. And when you want to swim in your pool again, all you have to do is push the button and your pool will be ready for you to enjoy again.

But how ready are you for that ease? Automatic pool covers may be expensive compared to manual covers, but if you’re about to choose the former, here are some of the benefits of an automatic pool cover in Danville to help you in your decision:

  1. It is versatile
    Automatic pool covers can be fitted onto pools which are constructed of various materials — concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. The versatility of automatic pool covers offers many options for homeowners who choose this type of pool cover.
  2. It is safe
    Needless to say, an automatic pool cover is guaranteed safe. This reduces the likelihood of smaller children and pets accidentally falling into and drowning in the pool.
  3. It saves time and energy
    With an automatic pool cover you won’t need to keep a pool heater going. This will reduce your electric bill, possibly by as much as hundreds of dollars per year. An automatic pool cover, while preventing evaporation, will also help retain the heat in your swimming pool. In addition to that, an automatic pool cover keeps debris and dust out of your swimming pool. This will save you time and energy needed in cleaning, filtering, and treating your pool water.
  4. It saves water
    Evaporation is one of the major culprits of pool water loss can equal up to 180 gallons per week (or 720 gallons per month). This is especially true when the unused pool is exposed under the sun for a long time. An automatic pool cover conserves water, preventing evaporation by up to 93%. When you do not lose as much water due to evaporation, the more money you will save from having to refill your pool with more water.
  5. It saves chlorine
    You know an automatic pool cover will keep the debris and dust out of the pool. When there’s less debris in the pool, there will be less contamination. Therefore, you will need to use less chlorine to clean your pool.
  6. It reduces circulation in your pool
    One of the great things about automatic pool covers is that it reduces the amount of circulation time required in your pool. The less circulation, the more money you will save from the costs incurred by the use of the circulation system.If you have finally made the decision to install an automatic pool cover in Danville, you may want to invest your resources like the high-quality, state-of-the-art automatic pool covers we offer at Pool Covers Inc. Our Infinity™ automatic pool covers are guaranteed to be strong and durable compared to other pool covers available on the market today. The Infinity™ pool covers includes some of these amazing features:
    • A key switch that is low-voltage and remote-located
    • It has non-reversing auto-stops that are bi-directional
    • It has different power options including the “flood resistant” drive motor, the world’s first, which also has internal controls

Not only has our Infinity™ pool cover system passed the safety standards imposed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.), it has even exceeded them! If it’s finally time for you to install a pool cover for your pool, choose Pool Covers, Inc. for our high-quality, world-class automatic pool covers in Danville that are guaranteed durable and safe.