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Pool Covers in Santa Rosa Can Do So Much for Your Family

Pool covers in Santa Rosa are more than just covering swimming pools. They provide benefits for every family who has a swimming pool in their backyard.

Some families with backyard pools think that a swimming pool cover is not that necessary. They couldn’t be more wrong. They need swimming pool covers more than they realize. Why? Here are a number of reasons why pool covers in Santa Rosa are important for every pool owner.

1. To conserve water. Especially during the summer months where the days can get really hot and dry. An unused average-sized pool that is uncovered and directly exposed to sunlight all day can lose as much as 30% of the pool water, or about 720 gallons of water per day. That’s a lot of water that you could have saved!

A pool cover will at least minimize the evaporation in the swimming pool caused by the sun’s heat. A pool cover traps the vapors from drifting into the air and sends them back into the water. A covered pool can save as much as 95% of the pool water, or about 700,000 gallons of it! The more water is saved, the more reasons to swim and relax in the pool!

2. To save heat. Aside from trapping evaporation in the pool, a pool cover helps seal the heat in the water and therefore keep it warm.

3. To keep the pool clean. A covered pool keeps your pool clean by barring falling leaves, twigs, branches, as well as dust and dirt from entering the water. A covered pool will also prevent algae from thriving, therefore minimizing cleaning chores. Just make sure that when the pool cover is full of debris, you sweep them off by using a broom or by using a leaf blower.

4. To keep people and pets safe. Make sure that the pool cover you choose is a safety pool cover which can withstand a certain weight. This will prevent little children as well as pets from accidental drowning. Yes, pool covers save lives!

Make sure that safety pool cover that you plan to buy meets the standard performance specifications by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Pool Covers, Inc.’s manual and Infinity 4000TM automatic safety pool covers as well as spa covers exceed the ASTM standards so our products are guaranteed to give protection to your loved ones.

With all the factors above, you may instantly change your mind regarding pool covers being a mere accessory. With their benefits that range from conserving pool water to saving a life, pool covers in Santa Rosa can do great things for your family indeed.