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Swimming Pools Need Safety Pool Covers in the Bay Area

What are the reasons you need a safety pool cover in the Bay Area?

Many pool owners think that safety pool covers are just an accessory, are not needed, or are a waste of money. Look at the benefits that safety pool covers can provide you and every other homeowner who has a backyard pool.

In order for a pool cover to be categorized as a safety pool cover, it should comply with the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):

  • A safety pool cover should support a weight equivalent to two adults and one child.
  • It should not permit gaps that will allow a child or a pet to pass through.
  • It should remove standing water.

The ASTM also imposes similar standards on covers for spas and hot tubs.
Here are some of the great benefits that a safety pool cover can provide:

  • It keeps your swimming pool clean, needing only minimal cleaning maintenance.
  • It keeps your pool from breeding algae (algae need sunlight to reproduce and thrive).
  • It reduces the need to use caustic cleaning chemicals.
  • It conserves water when the swimming pool is not in use.
  • It retains the heat in the water.
  • And most importantly, a safety pool cover adds layers of protection and security to your swimming pool. It keeps kids, adults (especially those who cannot swim), and pets out of it.

You should know that buying safety pool covers is considered an investment. So why should you settle for less when you’ve got Pool Covers, Inc. to rely on for the best safety pool covers in the Bay Area?

Pool Covers, Inc.’s safety pool covers are made of the highest grade fabric. They can cover over swimming pools and spas of every type, shape, and size. Whether they are lock-down manual pool covers, track manual pool covers, or our Infinity 4000TM electric and hydraulic pool covers, all of the Pool Covers, Inc.’s pool covers surpass the ASTM safety standards.

Safety pool covers in the Bay Area not only help you save water and energy, they can save lives as well! Ensure the cleanliness and water conservation of your swimming pools as well as security for your family by getting a safety pool cover from Pool Covers, Inc.