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Automatic Pool Covers in Danville Can Save Your Life

Automatic pool covers in Danville may seem expensive, but they provide amazing benefits for every family who has a swimming pool in their backyard. One of the biggest benefits is in minimizing the risk of death or injury from accidental drowning.

Accidental drowning, unfortunately, still makes up a considerable amount on accidental death statistics. As of 2014, incidences of fatal drowning averaged 3,536 in the United States, and these numbers exclude boating accidents. And what’s a lot more heartbreaking is that one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 years old and under, and most of these deaths happen not in the public resorts, but at the backyard pools.

Children are naturally drawn to the water and are curious to go near pools. More often than not, an unsupervised child can fall into the pool without making a splashing sound. A child may already be in the pool before an adult is aware of it. Unfortunately, before it’s too late to realize that he or she has drowned.

True, there are a lot of alarm devices available on the market, but many of them are not enough to keep a child from going towards the swimming pool. There are also child-proof fences and gates, and many of them are installed with alarms. There are also alarms installed right in the pool itself but these can be ineffective since it will only sound off the moment someone is in the swimming pool!

Instead of installing alarms in and around the pool, you can feel sure that you can block your child from entering the pool with automatic pool covers in Danville — like those from Pool Covers, Inc. Our pool covers are made with the strongest fabric in the industry, made with the proprietary formulation which has been used for over three decades!

Pool Covers, Inc’s Infinity 4000TM automatic pool covers have state-of-the-art pool cover system in the industry. The Infinity 4000TM features bi-directional, non-reversing auto-stops, a low-voltage remote key switch, and the “flood” resistant drive motor with internal control (the world’s first). The Infinity 4000TM pool covers are available in electric and hydraulic types, and they are easy to operate and maintain.

You can never go wrong with our Infinity 4000TM automatic pool covers as they not only meet the ASTM safety standards, they exceed them. Therefore they are considered the best in the pool cover industry. If these claims sound too grand or implausible, you’ve got to see them for yourself!

Apart from the high quality materials, Pool Covers, Inc. will install these pool covers in the proper way. We also take great pride in our work not to only ensure that your swimming pools are protected from heat and dirt, but we also ensure your family’s safety.

When your family’s safety is on the line, don’t take any chances. Cover your swimming pools with Pool Covers Inc.’s automatic pool covers in Danville and nearby areas! They not only keep your pool clean and help conserve water, they can also save your life and the lives of your loved ones.