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Pool Covers in Alamo Keep Water from Evaporating

Water loss is probably the biggest problem that every pool owner faces. It can be the impact from several factors such as overflowing water, elaborate pool accessories (such as fountains), splashing or even minor leaks. A pool cover in Alamo will help keep water in your pool.

However, evaporation — the process where a liquid turns into vapor — is the number one culprit of pool water loss. When your swimming pool is not covered throughout the day, it will only speed up the evaporation and the water levels will go lower.

While owning a pool gives you enjoyment and significantly adds to your property value, it also means the responsibility of taking care of it and maintaining the water levels.

If you notice that your pool’s water levels are significantly dropping — more than 1/4 inch every day — it could be more than mere evaporation. There may be a leak in your pool. Sure, it could be a small amount, but that small leak in your swimming pool every day could drain your swimming pool at a faster rate. It leads to a significant amount of wasted water. Check the equipment in and around your pool to see if there are any signs of leakage, and fix them as soon as possible.

Install a cover and use it when the pool is not in use.

Pool covers in Alamo are one of the cost-effective ways to conserve water. It can help in slowing down evaporation by up to 95%. They do this because pool covers trap the vapor from escaping into the air, and convert it into moisture which will drip into the original pool water.

A pool cover brings another plus – It keeps your pool safe. If anyone, a child, adult or even a pet were to walk, crawl or fall on top of your automatic swimming pool cover by accident when no one is around, there is little to no chance of drowning occurring.

A pool cover also keeps your pool water clean by blocking off fallen debris (leaves, twigs, branches, dust, and dirt) as well as minimizing algae growth. As a result, you don’t need to clean the pool water prior to swimming.

Whether you use your pool cover for outdoor or indoor swimming pools and spas, or whether you choose a manual or automatic type, you can always rely on pool covers in Alamo as your partner for pool water conservation.