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Save Water and Money with Safety Pool Covers in San Mateo

A lot of residential pool owners think that safety pool covers in San Mateo are not really necessary and otherwise a waste of money. But what they don’t realize is that pool covers are an investment. Buying a high-quality pool cover (as well as its installation) may cost you a bit, but it will bring big returns not only when it comes to money but also to safety.

While a pool is a place to swim, relax, and enjoy, it can also be the source of a host of concerns like saving money and water. Obviously, homeowners with swimming pools can expect a lot more water consumption than those that do not own a pool. With significant consumption naturally comes much higher utility bills, mainly water and energy.

And when intense sunny days or drought lingers in California, homeowners with swimming pools should be more alarmed because pools take the biggest chunk of water use in their household. As a result, they should take steps to conserve water. People should be wary not to splash too much water and not to leave the pool uncovered throughout the day if it isn’t going to be in use.

Do you know that an uncovered pool will allow evaporation in the water? Evaporation will cause the water levels to drop by half of an inch to 2 inches a week. If you have an average-sized pool (usually 12 feet x 24 feet) and you use this estimate, your pool will most likely waste around 19,500 gallons of water due to evaporation. An uncovered pool will drain itself more rapidly when the day is particularly searing. Even uncovered indoor pools or uncovered pools during the evening aren’t spared from evaporation.

Whether there is a water/energy crisis or not, you should conserve energy by turning off these pool accessories off when not in use.

An uncovered pool also leads to dirty water full of floating leaves, branches, twigs, as well as having algae breeding in it. A dirty pool requires mechanical and chemical cleaning which will lead to more expenses.

The most cost-effective way to save water and money is to install safety pool covers. They trap the vapors by turning them into moisture that will go back into the pool water. According to the US Department of Energy, using a pool cover can help you save water by 93% to 95%. That’s around 700,000 gallons of water that you can save and enjoy!

A covered pool will also help you save money. While a pool cover traps vapors from escaping into the air, it also prevents water heat loss throughout the day or even overnight. You can enjoy a warm water when you open the pool in the morning if it has been covered all night. You may never have to use a water heater again, which will save you from paying exorbitant energy bills!

A pool cover prevents debris from falling into the pool, as well as prevents algae from growing and thriving in the water. This will help you to save the money needed to buy chemicals. You may use the cleaning chemicals only when the pool is filthy and thus no longer fit to swim in.

As said before, pool covers are seen as an investment, especially if you spend the money on an automatic pool cover. Pool Covers, Inc.’s line of Infinity 4000TM automatic pool covers has Return on Investment (ROI). It means that the money you would have saved from using Pool Covers, Inc.’s Infinity 4000TM pool covers to heat your swimming pool will pay for the entire pool cover system (usually within three years). How cool is that?

If you believe that safety pool covers in San Mateo are a waste of money, think again. Not only will they help you to save water, money, and energy, but they can also help you bring in decent financial returns in the long run!