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Maintaining Automatic Pool Covers in Lafayette is Less Than Replacing

Automatic pool covers in Lafayette matter. Maintaining your automatic pool cover will help you save money for many years to come.

For daily maintenance:

1. Check to ensure the automatic pool cover is properly closed.

2. Make sure to have the automatic cover pump installed and ready to use in case of rain.

3. Ensure the chemical balance in your pool water is not too acidic and not too basic. The ideal pH balance of your swimming pool should be around 7. If your pool water has too much acidity or alkalinity it could cause damage to the pool cover and since it hovers just above the surface of the water.

4. Pool cleaning chemicals with salts (like a salt chlorinator) are not usually recommended for automatic pool covers. Apart from causing possible damage to the cover fabric, such types of cleaning chemicals will also corrode the metal parts, thus causing them to malfunction. If you do have a pool cleaning chemical with salts in it, make sure that no residues get stuck in the fabric as well as in the metal workings. In case you have found residues in the cover fabric as well as pulleys, reels and tracks, make sure to rinse them thoroughly.

For weekly maintenance:

1. Leave the pool uncovered once a week to make sure that the chlorine is dissipated completely. You can hasten the process by gassing off the water surface. This will prevent the pool cover from the chlorine’s corrosive properties over time.

2. Periodically check the water levels in your swimming pool. It may be a small matter, but water levels may directly affect the performance of your pool cover. The water should not overflow or else it will leak out of the pool cover. If the water level is otherwise falling below the skimmer, it can cause undue stress on the pool cover in case fallen items or rain water adds weight to it.

If the water continues to drop way below the skimmer, you should suspect of a leak in your swimming pool. In that case, it should be fixed right away.

3. Clean the pool cover when it’s dry or nearly dry.

4. Keep the automatic cover pumped off during rainy days.

5. Inspect the motor to ensure it is working properly. If your unit sits in a vault, make sure the vault drains of water and is not flooding.

For annual maintenance:

1. Keep the automatic cover’s box free from dirt by cleaning it at least once a year. A dirty box will attract more insects, mold and mildew, and even more gunk if not cleaned for many years.

2. Clean the automatic pool cover’s tracks.

4. Check to see that the metal fittings are tight and in place.

3. Make sure to lube your automatic pool cover’s working parts to keep them working steadily.

Maintaining automatic pool covers in Lafayette will help ensure the longevity of your safety swimming pool cover. If this is something you do not want to do you can call a certified technician for assistance. Remember, a pool cover that’s regularly maintained is most likely to do its best in protecting your pool for many years to come.