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Pool Covers Fresno – Keeping Your Family Safe

Many families enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool in their own backyard. They can swim, relax, and have fun in the pool any time of the day or season (except during the colder months, of course). But most homeowners understand that having your own swimming pool also entails a big responsibility. It doesn’t only come with cleaning the pool water and maintaining its water levels, but also protecting your family from drowning especially when you have little children around.

Pool covers in Fresno should be part of your pool safety measures. An uncovered pool may be innocuous-looking but it’s still a danger zone especially for kids who are unsupervised. The blue, still waters of an open swimming pool may attract little children to the pool. Since they are too young to be aware of the dangers of drowning, they won’t hesitate to go towards the pool.

You may be shocked to learn that a majority of pool-related deaths and injuries do not occur at beaches or public and private resorts, but they happen right in residential swimming pools. The more sad and ironic thing is that these pool-related tragedies could have been easily prevented by setting up safety devices – and installing them is not too hard to do. There are fences that are built around the pool, as well as swimming pool alarms. Unfortunately, these alarms only sound when there is human contact on the water’s surface. By the time you get to the pool, it may be too late.

It’s definitely better to make your swimming pool more secure by installing a safety pool cover when the pool is not in use. But you cannot just buy a vinyl pool cover that acts more like a mere tarp over your swimming pool. In order to be qualified as a “safety pool cover,” it must meet the requirements and specifications set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The ASTM requires safety pool covers to have the capability of being able to support a weight of at least 485 lbs. – which is approximately the equivalent of 2 adults and one child – to allow a rescue operation. The ASTM also requires safety pool covers not to permit gaps or holes that a child or a pet could squeeze through, as well as to remove standing water (that could be a breeding place for mosquitoes or algae).

Pool Covers, Inc.’s pool covers not only meet the ASTM standards – they even exceed them! Whether you choose our manual snap-down, track manual or electric or hydraulic Infinity 4000 automatic pool covers, they are all made from high quality and durable materials that assure optimum protection and safety for you and your family – not just protecting the pool water from dirt and debris, or from evaporation.

Don’t turn your swimming pool from a source of fun into a potential source of tragedy – look for the best safety pool covers in Fresno and prevent pool accidents in the future.