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Do You Need an Automatic Pool Cover for Tracy Pools?

Swimming pools in residential areas are just one of indications of luxury and glamor; plus they also boost the property’s market value if it is up for resale. However, having a pool also means responsibility in maintaining it.

There are lots of things to consider when maintaining the optimal condition of your swimming pool and promoting pool safety. While there are safety pool fences, pool alarms, and cleaning tools, there is also an automatic pool cover for Tracy pools.

You may wonder if you really need a pool cover. And if you should use a pool cover, do you have to get one that is automatic? Here are some factors that may help you decide in purchasing one:

  1. It keeps the pool clean – one of the driving factors of buying an automatic pool cover is to keep the pool water clean. It blocks fallen leaves, branches, twigs, dirt, dust and other debris from entering the pool. You don’t have to use a telescoping net to fish off fallen debris or trash.
  2. It helps in cutting down on chemical use – these cleaning chemicals can lead to various bodily reactions and allergies that range from simple skin irritations to more serious issues like asthma. Having a covered pool minimizes the need of cleaning the water with chlorine and other chemicals by up to 60%.
  3. It slows down or stops evaporation – evaporation is the process where a liquid turns into vapor, and that’s what happens when your swimming pool is not covered. The searing heat, especially during the summer months, can even hasten the evaporating process, leading to a faster reduction of your pool’s water levels. Having your pool covered all day when not in use will help slow down evaporation, saving you up to 95% of your pool’s water. A pool cover is an effective way of conserving pool water when it is not in use.
  4. It helps in retaining heat in the water – while a pool cover slows down or stops the pool water from evaporating, it prevents the heat from escaping the pool, therefore reducing heat loss. If you plan to go for a night swim, cover the pool throughout the day. Even covering the pool all night will make the water warm enough for an early morning swim! Using a pool cover as an effective heating agent for your swimming pool is enough to forego using a water heater, which could save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills.
  5. It helps with safety – drowning and other related accidents often occur at a residential swimming pool – even more so than at public resorts and beaches. If safety is your particular concern, it is not good to buy a vinyl pool cover that just feels like a tarp. A solar pool cover is also not a good idea as a safety pool cover, either. It is best to buy a safety pool cover that is durable enough to support a certain weight (to allow rescue operations, for instance). To make sure you’re buying the best and the most reliable safety pool cover, check to see if the product conforms to the ASTM safety standards. Make sure the pool cover is properly fitted and installed as well so that it leaves no gaps for children or pets to squeeze through and get into the water.
  6. It is convenient – you don’t have to sweat it out by manually rolling the pool cover to open or close the swimming pool. Automatic pool covers are operated remotely by a press of a button or a key switch.
  7. It makes a sound investment – while an automatic pool cover does cost quite a bit in the outset, it makes up for its price tag with a number of benefits in the long run. Heating bills will be significantly reduced and the use of cleaning chemicals will be dramatically cut down, therefore saving you a lot of money. The fact that having and using an automatic pool cover can help save the life of your loved ones may be the only reason you need to get one. It really pays to have an automatic pool cover for Tracy pools, indeed!