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It’s Almost Spring, Need Swimming Pool Covers in Danville?

Now that the winter season is almost over and the temperature will be back to being warm once more, it’s time to think about swimming!

If you own a swimming pool in your backyard and are ready to use them as the spring season warms up, have you ever thought of buying a swimming pool cover in Danville? But if you have considered it, why haven’t you purchased one yet? Maybe you’d think that it’s a waste of money, or is that it’s just an accessory that you don’t see it as something that is urgent. When you think about it, though, you may realize that swimming pool covers are important and not a waste of money.

Consider these benefits that a swimming pool cover can give. In the end, you will want to include it as one of your “must-have” items for the spring season!

1. Pool covers prevent evaporation
As the season warms up, the heat causes evaporation in your swimming pool especially when it’s not covered when unused. The result? Your pool water will vanish at a faster rate. Even at night, an uncovered pool will still lose a significant amount of water due to evaporation.

When your pool is covered, it will help reduce evaporation by as much as 95%. The pool cover helps in blocking excess heat and trapping the vapors. The vapors, in turn, become moisture that will drip back into the pool water.

In this way, a pool cover helps conserve pool water. You won’t have to fill a pool with too little water, therefore you will save money by not having to pay too much for your water utility bills.

2. Pool covers help minimize the use of cleaning chemicals
It doesn’t mean you should avoid using chemicals altogether when you choose to cover your pool. While a pool cover cannot replace chemicals, it will significantly reduce their usage in cleaning and purify a swimming pool. Sometimes, too many chemicals can be too harsh for anyone who swims in the pool.

3. Pool covers help keep the pool clean
Pool covers block the entry of fallen leaves, twigs, branches, and any other debris into the pool. With a covered swimming pool, you won’t have the trouble of fishing anything off using a skimmer net. Enjoy a clean pool when you take off the cover!

4. Pool covers help in retaining heat
Covering the pool will help in slowing down evaporation during the day, and doing so at night will help reduce heat loss. This means you’re going to enjoy the warmer water when you open the pool the next day!

5. Pool covers prevent accidents
Pool covers also help keep family and pets safe. As long as the cover is made of sturdy and durable materials and is installed properly, it will help in preventing anyone — especially children — from falling into the pool.

If you have a swimming pool and are concerned about pool safety, make sure you buy a safety pool cover that can hold a weight which is equivalent to two adults and one child. Safety pool covers are usually heavy so they require proper installation, whether the cover is manual or automatic. Do NOT buy solar pool covers or tarps as they are not considered safe to use against drowning and other pool-related accidents and injuries.

While you’re excited as spring will soon be here, you want to get your pool ready to be used again. Don’t forget you can conserve water as well as make your pool clean and safe for you and your family. Having swimming pool covers in Danville will enable you to enjoy more time in the swimming pool for many days to come!