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Keep Your Pool Safe with Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Keep Your Pool Safe with Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are a substantial investment, so you want to make the wisest choice when purchasing a cover. However, they can give significant benefits in return. One of the benefits is safety.

Owning a pool is considered a luxury but also a big responsibility. Maintaining safety in and around the pool should be your top priority, especially if you have small children or pets in your household. Safety is also essential in the pool itself – a dirty pool or pool with decreasing water levels should also be considered a safety concern. Continue reading to find out more about keeping your pool safe with the different types of swimming pool covers available today.

Tip for buying a safety pool cover

If safety is your number one reason for purchasing a pool cover, it helps to know that you can have the best type of coverage with an approved safety swimming pool cover. You must find a cover that meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), as well as state and local standards. Pool Covers, Inc. safety pool covers meet the ASTM requirements and exceed them.

Keep Your Pool Safe with Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Different types of swimming pool covers are available

Swimming pool covers are available in various types and price points. You should assess your overall needs, your pool’s surroundings, the climate in your area, and your budget. Considering these factors, purchase the best swimming pool cover that you can afford and will also best serve your family’s needs.

Pool covers can be separated into two groups:

  • Mesh – Mesh safety covers are typically made of plain or polypropylene blends. They are stretched over the pool and anchored by springs and stakes. These covers keep dirt and debris out of your swimming pool while allowing rain, melted snow (if your area has snow), and sunlight to pass through. Mesh safety covers can be the most affordable option. They are durable and lightweight, so you can easily pick them up and carry them. They are best for pools where only adults will have access, or children will be allowed only with adult supervision.
  • Solid – Solid safety pool covers are made of vinyl, polypropylene, and other vinyl-polyester blends. These covers keep dirt, debris, snow (if it’s in your area), rainwater, and sunlight out of the pool. Accumulated rainwater or melted snow drains off the cover in either a cover pump or mesh option for drainage. Solid safety covers are heavier than mesh covers, requiring a little more effort to pick up and move.

You can choose any of these different types of covers for your specific safety requirements:

Winter pool covers

These seasonal swimming pool covers are essential if you live in a region where winters can be very harsh, and the pool freezes if left open. Winter covers are basic tarps that are inexpensive but quite versatile that you can use for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Like many other pool covers, winter covers block out leaves and debris. They also help inhibit algae growth and keep the pool in good condition for use in the warmer months.

However, winter pool covers have a short lifespan as they need to be replaced every at least five years. The anchors that hold the tarp must also be replaced every other year. Winter covers are not safety covers as they support very little to no significant weight, so you should not consider them if safety is your top concern.

Solar pool covers

A solar pool cover looks like the bigger version of bubble wrap because of the air bubbles all over it. This is the reason why it is also known as a bubble cover.

Solar pool covers are thin covers that float on the pool water’s surface. Their primary function is to heat the water and maintain the pool’s temperature. They also help minimize water and chemical evaporation. Solar pool covers are an excellent choice if you’re looking to reduce your heating and cleaning costs. But since they float on the water, they are not considered safety pool covers. A child or a pet could quickly enter the water if they stepped on these covers.

Safety pool covers

Most swimming pool owners who use covers choose safety pool covers. They are mandatory for your pools. As per local and federal safety regulations, a safety pool cover needs to support the weight of two average adults and one child, at the very least, to permit a rescue operation. It must also have sufficient anchors and be tightly anchored so that there are no gaps between the pool and the cover through which anyone can pass to reach the pool water. It also has to have child-proof locks.

Automatic safety pool covers are best for families with small children or pets. They cover the pool to keep out debris and are effective at keeping children and pets out of the water. You can find automatic safety pool covers with two options: Hydraulic or Electric.

Keep Your Pool Safe with Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are more than just accessories!

Swimming pool covers are often considered essential to keep your pool clean and sanitary, save water and energy costs, or protect your loved ones from drowning and similar accidents. You can choose not to have a swimming pool cover, but with all of the benefits they provide and peace of mind knowing your family is safe, you probably won’t want to avoid them.

The experts at Pool Covers, Inc. can provide sound advice regarding which pool cover option will be ideal for your situation. Contact us at 1-707-864-6674 or send us a message.