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Keep Your Pool Safe with Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Having a pool can provide great entertainment, but you have a responsibility to have the pool covered – primarily for safety’s sake. There are other substantial benefits you can get from swimming pool covers, but safety is the main reason to purchase a pool cover. What are different types of swimming pool covers available in the market?

Best coverage options

Best kind of coverage can be had with an approved safety swimming pool cover. You have to find a cover that meets the American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM] as well local and state standards.

Different type of covers available

Broadly speaking, swimming pool covers can be of four types:

  • Solid winter pool covers
  • Safety mesh covers/safety covers
  • Solar pool covers
  • Pool net cover/leaf nets

Mesh – plain or polypropylene blends – vinyl, polypropylene, and other vinyl-polyester blends are mostly used for making swimming pool covers. Safety pool covers come in both mesh and solid material – the latter with a mesh option for drainage.

Winter pool covers

Solid swimming pool covers are very essential if you live where winters can be very severe and pool freezes over if left open. Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool, solid covers are needed to cover the pool. It prevents algae growth and other debris falling into the pool and keeps the pool in good condition for using in spring and summer times.

Solar pool covers

Solar pool covers or bubble covers are not safety swimming pool covers and they are used only during daylight hours when sunlight can be utilized to help heat the water and maintain pool temperature. Reducing water evaporation and chemical evaporation are added benefits. The solar cover helps in reducing heating costs as well keeping the pool clean.

Safety pool covers

Safety swimming pool covers are mandatory for your pools. As per local and federal safety regulations, they need to support the weight of two adults at least. It has to have sufficient number of anchors and be tightly anchored so there are no gaps between the pool and cover through which a child or a pet can wriggle through to reach water. They must have child-proof locks.

Swimming pool covers – essential accessories

With statistics showing that two-thirds of drowning accidents occur in swimming pools, using safety swimming pool covers is very essential to keep such disasters to a minimum and enjoy all benefits of your swimming pool.