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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

Pool covers are an important element of security and are also known as ‘horizontal fences’. Apart from increasing the life of the swimming pool, it helps to reduce bills on electricity and maintenance by averting water evaporation while heating the pool through solar energy. In some places pool covers and pool fences are mandatory for swimming pool owners.

There is a wide range of covers available in Sacramento and San Jose which are suitable for pools. An analysis of requirements and your budget will give you the basis for a search of suitable pool covers.

Cover Options

There are two types of swimming pools- in-ground and above ground. Covers are available for both the types of pools in Sacramento and San Jose. You can opt for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic pool covers. These are all considered safety pool covers.

Types of Pool Covers

Track fitted covers are fitted securely on tracks along the pool sides. They prevent accidental drowning or slipping into the pool and are sturdy enough to support weight. They can be operated manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

When choosing a pool cover that is right for you pick a cover that best fits not only your pool but your lifestyle and your budget. Covers vary depending on customized options. Automatic covers can fit existing pools. If you are building a new pool an automatic cover can be part of the pool construction.

The decision to buy a fully automatic pool cover depends on an individual’s needs.

Fully Automatic

Automatic pool covers have motors which automatically cover and uncover the pool with the turn of a key. These are safe and convenient. With automatic covers pool maintenance becomes effortless and cost effective. These covers reduce water evaporation and heat loss, as well as keeping the pool clean between swims.

Semi Automatic and Manual Covers

Semi automatic and manual covers are available as well. You would use the same criteria for choosing one of these covers as you would for a fully automatic cover. These covers offer the same benefits for safety, water conservation and reduction in energy but will cost less money. They may not be as easy to use as a fully automatic cover, however, they will go a long way in helping keep your pool safe, clean and help protect your investment.

The final selection of pool cover should be done after checking the requirements and doing a detailed study of market. You can search the web to find a suitable pool cover within your budget. You can also check for discounted pool covers in Sacramento, San Jose.