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Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are more than just items of luxury. They are essential accessories for swimming pool owners and operators. Installing the right pool covers, like those from Pool Covers, Inc., will benefit users with savings, convenience, and protection.

Owning a pool is a convenient way to get fit, relax, and have fun in the comfort of your backyard. However, pool ownership also means responsibility. You must know that you are responsible for ensuring that your pool area is safe and that anyone using your pool knows the safety rules, no matter which municipality or state you live in.


Automatic pool covers offer so many benefits to pool owners

As long as they conform to industry standards, automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, easy, and convenient to use. Still not convinced? You’ll be delighted to learn what an automatic pool cover will do for you. Read further to learn about those benefits!

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

1) Keeps your family and pets safe

Many swimming pool owners install covers for safety reasons. The idea behind a pool cover is to turn your pool into an inaccessible area when not in use. In some states and municipalities, a fence around the pool is optional if the homeowner has a safety pool cover. But other states and municipalities require a pool fence, whether the pool is covered or not.

Even with a fence, children and pets can still find a way in if the gate is open or unlocked. A pool fence also keeps everyone already on the property from getting into the pool, especially if they know how to access it. Alarms can go off only if someone is in contact with the water. Only a pool cover provides optimum protection, giving you peace of mind that the pool is secured even when you’re not around it.

2) Conserves water by reducing evaporation

Like any other body of water, the pool water goes through a cycle and, as a result, could lose some of it due to evaporation. The rate of evaporation accelerates further during the hot season. Using an automatic pool cover can prevent the water from evaporating. With a pool cover, the water falls back into the pool as it completes the water cycle.

3) Keeps the pool water clean

Closing your pool with an automatic pool cover can prevent leaves, twigs, dirt, insects, etc., from getting into the water. Not only dirt and debris can make your pool look unsightly, but they can also negatively affect the water’s pH levels and cause damage to the interior of the pool.

A pool cover keeps your water clean and its pH levels balanced. With a cover in place, while not in use, your pool will likely remain in overall good condition.

4) Keeps the heat in

An automatic pool cover keeps the heat in your swimming pool, which can help regulate the water’s temperature. This is particularly useful at the beginning or end of the swim season when temperatures are not that hot, as well as in colder climates.

Using your automatic pool cover can help reduce your heating costs, saving you more money.

5) Provides convenience

Manual pool covers require physical effort, which can be tedious. Even motorless track types, while easier to manage than tie-down or snap-down fabric covers, still require some elbow grease. Automatic pool covers, on the other hand, provide superb convenience to the user.

Automatic pool covers usually consist of a tracking system and a motor. The covers are controlled remotely by a key switch or touchpad. With just a turn of a switch or a button, you can quickly close the pool when you aren’t using it. Close it for a day, a week, or even for the entire winter.

Manual pool covers typically require two or three people to roll them in and out. But in the case of automatic pool covers, they can be operated by one person with ease.

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

6) Enhances pool environment safety

Safety is a top concern among backyard pool owners, especially if they have children and pets. Various safeguards are put in place, such as installing fences and alarms, encouraging swimming lessons, and enforcing swimming pool rules.

Automatic pool covers are also a reliable element in maintaining pool safety. They are strong and durable, offering the highest degree of protection. They are effective and reliable when it comes to keeping people – especially children and non-swimmers – and pets from falling into the pool.

It is important to remember there is no substitute for adult supervision. These measures are only put in place to boost pool environment safety. However, a sturdy automatic pool cover is one of the best physical barriers you can install to your swimming pool.

The strength of automatic pool covers varies, but most covers can support the weight of at least two average adults and one child per ASTM standards. However, it would help if you did not arbitrarily walk on a covered pool or use it for recreational purposes.

It’s important to warn your children that the pool cover is different from the place to play. But a covered swimming pool can give parents peace of mind, knowing that if an accident happens and their child falls onto the cover, it should keep them from getting into danger – or even getting wet.

In other regions with severe winters, homeowners must winterize or shut down their swimming pools for several months. An automatic pool cover can also function as an adequate winter cover for this process.

The convenience and ease of use that automatic pool covers provide take away much of the work when closing and opening the pool.

If you feel it’s time to get an automatic pool cover, you have to assess your needs, the surrounding pool environment, safety concerns, and, last but not least, your budget. If you have questions or need help, call us to speak with our specialists at Pool Covers, Inc. to learn more about getting an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool.