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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

How to Enhance Your Swimming Pools’ Life & Pool Safety

Swimming pools are great additions to your outdoor appeal and ambience. Once summer times come, they are perfect spots for get-togethers during weekends and holidays. This is where children love to spend maximum hours and adults love to rela, recouping from work-day stress and strain. How can you enhance the life of such a perfect home improvement feature? Easy! Get a safety pool cover!!

Risk factors that threaten your pool

Without safety pool covers, your idyllic pool can become a mire of debris, dirt or leaves with stiff breeze or vagaries of climate. Unwanted creepy crawlies, insects/mosquitoes take time out of your day before you can go for a swim or soak! Or water gets evaporated on sunny days, demanding high amounts of makeup water or high levels of chemicals!

Fruits of well-maintained pools

Safety pool covers protect your pool from punishing weather conditions like winter, frost and hurricanes Keeping water clean with the correct amount of chemicals and keeping your pool clean can extend the longevity of your swim season. A well-kept pool is great fun for friends and family and an asset to your home by adding to its value.

Perfect water balance for pool longevity

Uncovered pools are not only safety hazards, collection spots for dirt, debris or leaves, but also have enormous amount of evaporation resulting in loss of chemicals that maintain correct pH, required alkalinity, calcium and chlorine levels. Good safety pool covers can reduce the evaporation process and lessen chemical replacement needs considerably.

Pool maintenance made easy

Pool maintenance can turn into a taxing and time & money consuming task without proper preventive measures. Check that:

  • All instructions suggested by manufacturers are followed exactly
  • Exact amount of chemicals are added at prescribed intervals
  • Use good quality safety pool covers for covering the pool
  • Check pool area, sides, bottom, drainage covers, frequently
  • Have periodic maintenance and repair done

Enjoy idyllic pool for long years

A swimming pool is a value addition to your home. If well maintained, it can add greatly to your property value as well provide long and repeated fun times for family and friends. Having a fully automatic safety pool cover from firms like Pool Covers, Inc. can be the first step in keeping the pool clean of dirt, debris and insects etc. With a properly selected safety pool cover your pool’s life can be long, fruitful and absolutely enjoyable.