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How to Enhance Your Swimming Pools’ Life & Pool Safety

How to Enhance Your Swimming Pools’ Life & Pool Safety

Owning a swimming pool provides a range of benefits for you, your family, and your property. Aside from being an excellent place for relaxation and exercise, a swimming pool is perfect for family activities and get-togethers with friends. A backyard pool also beautifies your backyard and adds value to your home. 

In other words, a swimming pool enhances the quality of your life overall. Anyone who owns a pool will surely agree that it’s an asset.

While having a backyard pool means excellent benefits, it also means responsibility. To keep your pool in good condition, you must maintain it regularly. You can even enhance your pool’s life and safety. How? By adding a safety pool cover!

What if your swimming pool isn’t covered?

Many risk factors threaten your swimming pool’s overall quality and safety without a safety pool cover. 

If you don’t use your pool and leave it uncovered for long, it becomes a mire of dirt, fallen leaves, and debris with stiff breezes or vagaries of climate. Unwanted vermin, such as creepy crawlies like bugs and mosquitoes, take time out of your day before you can go for a dip! Or on a scorching day, the water evaporates quickly, demanding high amounts of makeup water or frequent use of chemicals.

What happens if you don’t maintain your swimming pool?

Not cleaning, maintaining, or enhancing your swimming pool can lead to several issues:

  • Clogged drains – One of the biggest headaches among pool owners is clogged drains. Clearing blocked drains from indoor pools can be quite problematic, as most of the plumbing is underground and thus not readily accessible. To prevent clogged drains, manually remove any debris in your pool and around the drain using a vacuum.
  • Algae growth – Algae can form in your pool if you don’t clean it regularly. While there are products that can eliminate algae and prevent its growth, hiring a pool cleaning service might be the best way to ensure your pool water’s cleanliness and safety.
  • Health problems – Without proper and regular cleaning, harmful bacteria can build up in your swimming pool. Swimming in a contaminated pool can cause specific health issues. These health issues range from irritation to the eyes, skin, and ear to potentially serious ones like respiratory problems, diarrhea, and other infections. If the pool is murky, swimming is unsafe, so refrain from taking a dip into the dirty pool.

The importance and benefits of well-maintained swimming pools

How to Enhance Your Swimming Pools’ Life & Pool Safety

From relaxation to exercise to entertainment and so much more, a swimming pool offers so many benefits. That is why keeping it in excellent condition is extremely important. 

Here are some of the reasons why cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool is essential:

  • Less frequent and costly repairs
  • Keeps the water clean and sanitary
  • Improves aesthetic
  • Improves operation and functionality
  • Increases the value of your property
  • More use and enjoyment
  • Overall longevity

Extending your pool time and reaping more benefits by sealing it with a safety pool cover is possible.

How does a safety cover enhance your swimming pool?

A safety cover protects your pool from unforgiving weather conditions like searing summers and freezing winters. It keeps your water clean without adding more chemicals than necessary. A covered pool will also prevent evaporation. It can extend the longevity of your swimming pool, allowing you to enjoy more pool time alone or with family or friends. 

Perfect water balance for pool longevity

Not only do uncovered pools pose health and safety hazards and collection spots for dirt, soot, and debris, but they also have enormous amounts of evaporation, resulting in the loss of water and chemicals that maintain the pool’s correct chemical balance. 

A safety pool cover of good quality can protect your pool from dirt and debris, minimize evaporation, and lessen chemical replacement needs significantly.

Maintaining your swimming pool

Maintaining a swimming pool can become taxing and time-consuming without proper preventative measures. Not to mention costly, too. Make sure that:

  • All instructions recommended by manufacturers are strictly followed
  • A precise amount of chemicals are added at prescribed intervals
  • Check the pool area – including the walls, bottom, and drainage covers – frequently
  • Have regular maintenance and repair done
  • Use a good-quality safety pool cover to cover the pool

Safety pool covers make maintenance easy, giving you more pool time!

Closing your swimming pool is like closing your garage when you don’t use it. By keeping your pool closed, things that should stay in are kept in, and things like debris, animals, and children are kept out.

Here are the many ways that safety pool covers make your maintenance easy and stress-free:

  • Safety pool covers keep dirt and debris out.
  • They prevent evaporation, keeping the water levels intact.
  • They stabilize the pool water’s temperature by retaining heat.
  • A covered pool maintains water chemicals like chlorine, which keeps the water clean and sanitary for longer. You don’t have to add chemicals as often as you need.
  • With reduced use of energy and chemicals, safety pool covers help you save money.

Enhanced pool life means more pool time and enjoyment!

A swimming pool is a valued addition to any home. If well maintained, it can significantly add to your property value and provide more extended and more fun pool moments with family and friends.

A fully automatic safety pool cover from reputable manufacturers like Pool Covers, Inc. can be the first step in keeping the pool free from dirt, debris, insects, etc. A carefully chosen safety pool cover will extend your swimming pool’s useful life, making pool moments more fruitful and enjoyable.

Take the work out of pool maintenance any time of the year. Pool Covers, Inc. is a California-based company making manual and automatic pool and spa covers. Quality and safety are always our mission! Get in touch with us today to get started on your pool cover installation project.