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Automatic Pool Covers in Rancho Cordova Save Lives

If you choose to install automatic pool covers in Rancho Cordova, expect the best for your money. The benefits of having an automatic pool cover certainly outweigh all costs. These benefits include keeping your pool clean and warm, preventing evaporation, and providing safety. Plus, isn’t it cool to open and close an automatic pool cover just by the turn of a key?

Pool Covers, Inc.’s automatic pool covers are made from the highest quality and durable materials. Our highly professional staff will make sure that the automatic pool cover operates efficiently and is installed so that it will completely seal when you close it.

When the pool is closed, children may still be lured to the pool water. But you don’t have to worry because automatic pool covers are excellent at supporting the weight of a child and even a fully grown adult. So even if your kids and even their playmates decide to jump on the pool cover, it will still be able to support their weight.

Pool Covers, Inc.’s Infinity 4000TM electric and hydraulic automatic safety pool covers meet the A.S.T.M. (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards – and they exceed them!

There’s no need to install a safety fence around the pool or install a pool alarm with Pool Covers, Inc.’s safety automatic pool covers in Rancho Cordova. It will protect and save lives of your loved ones, so you don’t need to do anything but feel totally secure.