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Caring for Automatic Pool Covers in Modesto

Caring for Automatic Pool Covers in Modesto

Automatic pool covers in Modesto combine efficiency and convenience. They will help protect your family and pets as well as protect your pool. Covers also minimize evaporation of water, heat and chemicals thus saving you money.

To get the most return for your investment in an automatic pool cover you will want to maintain it to last for many years. Here are some helpful hints:

1. An automatic pool cover pump should be set up and readily accessible if any rain should come through. If standing rainwater accumulated on top of the cover, use a cover pump to remove it. Be sure to take away the pump from the cover if you expect freezing temperatures.

2. It’s also essential to monitor the chlorine balance of your pool water. Keeping the right water and chemical balances are the best ways you can protect your automatic pool cover.

3. After adjusting your pool water’s chemical balance by treating it, leave the cover open for at least two hours to allow any gases created by the treatment to dissipate. This time will protect the cover material from chloramines, which can be corrosive. Do this weekly (Ensure that no unaccompanied children or pets are allowed near the pool while the pool cover is open).

4. Inspect the pool cover tracks periodically to make sure they are clear of debris. If there are salt deposits, clean them off by spraying out the tracks with a regular garden hose. This maintenance is especially crucial if you have a saltwater pool because the salt buildup can damage the pool cover components if left there for too long.

5. Inspect your pool’s water levels. If the water goes mid-skimmer level, it can place pressure on the cover fabric, ropes, and tracks. If the water goes below the skimmer level, any added weight on top of the cover puts even more pressure on it that it can lead to damage if not checked.

6. While automatic pool covers are strong and durable make sure to blow off debris from the top of your cover. Cleaning an automatic pool cover is the easiest when the fabric is dry or nearly dry. In these cases, you can blow the leaves off with a leaf blower.

7. Check for objects such as towels, pool toys, etc. that may obstruct the pool cover, and remove them. You do not want to roll something up in the pool cover.

8. Have your pool cover inspected and serviced by a professional at least once a year. They will check your cover for any worn-out items or components that need to be fixed or replaced.

A few inspection and maintenance moments certainly go a long way, ensuring a longer service life from your automatic pool covers in Modesto.