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Pool Covers Granite Bay – Reasons to Cover Your Pool

Pool Covers Granite Bay – Reasons to Cover Your Pool

Have you ever used pool covers in Granite Bay? If you haven’t, have you considered why? Are pool covers expensive to you? Are they bothersome to put on and take off when you’re about to use your swimming pool? Or do you secretly want the neighbors to gaze longingly across your fence, hoping that you’ll invite them for a swim?

However, the benefits of a pool cover are worth it. Pool covers save you water, energy, time, and money and act as a safety barrier to keep loved ones and pets safe. Below are some additional reasons to use a pool cover on your Granite Bay pool:

1. It makes the environment safe – If safety is your primary concern (especially if you still have small children or pets at home), you should use a safety pool cover. Safety swimming pool covers support weight and prevent people and pets from falling into the water. Make sure that you’re buying an ASTM-certified safety pool cover.

2. It keeps the pool water clean – One of the main reasons, other than protecting their loved ones, people purchase swimming pool covers is to keep debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches out of the pool when it is not in use. If you buy a solid pool cover (instead of mesh), it will further protect your pool from smaller particles such as dust and soot and block out the sunlight, which will prevent algae from growing in the pool. Covering your pool will save you cleaning time and money due to evaporative loss.

3. It slows down or stops evaporation – If you notice that your pool’s water is going below the skimmer level, it may mean that your pool has a leak or evaporation can be the culprit. Evaporation is when a liquid turn into vapor, and this happens to your pool if it’s not covered all day. If evaporation is the cause of water loss, then it’s time to cover your swimming pool, especially during the hot season or you live in an arid area.

4. It conserves chemicals – Ultraviolet rays can reduce the amount of chlorine in your pool and a safety pool cover will eliminate evaporation. Covering your pool can reduce your use of chemicals to your pool by 35% to 60%.

5. It makes your pool warmer – While a cover prevents evaporation in your swimming pool, it also prevents heat loss in the water by retaining it. The pool will have warmer water, which is perfect for anyone who loves to swim in the evening or early morning. A swimming pool relies on the sun for heat, so covering the pool at night can retain the water warm, instead of losing all the heat overnight as temperatures drop.

6. It saves you money – Considering some of the factors above, a pool cover keeps your water clean, slows or stops down evaporation, conserves chemicals in the water, and helps retain heat in the pool. You don’t have to refill your pool, buy more chemicals, or turn a gas-powered or electric heater on to warm the pool. The result is significant savings on chemicals, energy, and, ultimately, money.

Fortunately, pool covers are easy to use, depending on the type. The most basic manual covers get anchored to the pool deck to prevent them from being blown away. Other manual pool covers come with tracks that are hand-cranked when opening or closing the pool. Automatic pool covers are the easiest and most convenient to use. With the press of the button or turn of the key, you can put your pool automatic pool covers in Granite Bay on or draw them back, saving you from the hassles of manually removing them yourself.