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Can You Use Automatic Pool Covers on Clovis Above Ground Pools?

Aside from inground pools, there are also above ground pools. They can be either temporary or permanent. While a pool can provide lots of fun and can be a great place to escape and to unwind, it can be every parent’s worst nightmare. A curious child will be drawn to the water without knowing the risks. And it only takes a few seconds for a drowning to occur.

Did you know that many water-related deaths and injuries that occur among children do not happen in public resorts, but surprisingly, in a backyard pool? This tragedy could have been prevented by a simple measure – covering automatic pool covers on Clovis pools when they are not in use.

That simple measure of covering your pool can go a long way of protecting your loved ones from such tragedies. Plus, it also protects your pool from getting dirty, thus reducing the amount and effort of cleaning and maintenance all year long. If you live in an area which experiences extremely harsh weather conditions, a pool cover is an easiest and most effective solution, whether during the scorching summer months or the bitter cold winter months.

There are manual covers that are designed to install an above ground pool covers that are designed to fit most every above ground swimming pool no matter the shape, size, and height. But if you do not want the hassle of manually opening and closing a manual cover, you may want the convenience of an automatic pool cover. But the question is: can you use an automatic pool cover on your above ground pool? If you have the room to retrofit a rectangle over the top of your pool you can incorporate an automatic safety pool cover on your pool.

Let the convenience of an automatic cover keep your loved ones safe. If you would rather choose an option other than an automatic pool cover for your pool in Clovis then rest assured, there are several types of solid safety pool covers for you to choose from. Contact Pool Covers, Inc. to help design a safety pool cover that best fits your pool and your individual needs.