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Safety Pool Covers Granite Bay: How to Protect Loved Ones Around a Pool

Swimming pools provide fun and relaxation. They are excellent places to unwind and to escape from reality occasionally. But swimming pools can also become danger zones – the worst nightmare that every pool owner and parent can have.

If you still have little kids, pets, or someone else who doesn’t know how to swim, this is going to be a big concern. If you have not installed safety pool covers in Granite Bay, it’s time that you should.

Swimming pools are a perfect place for the family to bond together. But when the pool is left open after use, that’s where you raise your fears and concerns.

While nothing beats adult supervision, able-bodied adults (who know how to swim) won’t always be around when the kids are left alone. In place of adult supervision, you may use a lot of safety devices in and around your pool. You may erect a safety pool fence, install a pool alarm, or put on warning signs. But they are not always reliable tools to protect your loved ones around the pool when it’s not in use. Children, and toddlers, in particular, are attracted to water – and without knowing it, they’re already by the poolside! And the most tragic of all – it takes just a few seconds for a small child to drown once he or she is in the water.

While those safety measures are good, why not beef up your pool security system further a pool cover? Choose a safety pool cover in particular – not a mesh, tarp or a solar pool cover. Solid and durable, a safety pool cover provides a tight and secure layer over your swimming pool. But to ascertain whether this type of pool cover is a safety pool cover, it must adhere to the ASTM standards:

1. It should be able to hold at least 485 pounds (the equivalent to a weight of two adults and one child) to allow rescue operation.

2. It should demonstrate that any gaps or openings are small enough to prevent the test object from entering.

3. The surface “drainage test” – the pool cover should be made in a way that it doesn’t collect a dangerous amount of rainwater on the surface.

4. Labeling – it should include appropriate warnings (as described in the standard) and identify the pool cover as a “safety cover.”

Apart from providing protection, safety pool covers also:

• blocks out dirt, dust, soot, fallen leaves, branches, and other debris

• prevents evaporation

• retains the warm temperature of the water

• reduces chemical consumption

• prevents algae from growing on the pool floor and walls

Many pool owners and parents have grown increasingly aware of the dangers of an uncovered pool especially when they still have little children and pets around. To answer their concerns and demands, manufacturers come up with safety pool covers in Granite Bay. But customers should not just buy any safety pool cover; it should meet the ASTM applicable standards to ensure that it provides the safest and the most reliable pool security feature for you and your family.