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Benefits of a Manual Safety Pool Cover vs an Automatic Safety Pool Cover in Modesto

Each one of us has our own preferences – food, clothes, and hobbies, among all other things. It is no different when it comes to the choice of pool covers. Would you want a manual safety pool cover or an automatic safety pool cover in Modesto? It depends on your personal preferences or needs.

A lot of people tend to favor convenience above everything else, so it is highly likely that they would choose an automatic safety pool cover, simply because they don’t have to manually cover and uncover the pool. Of course, the choice is yours – but have you considered manual safety pool covers and the benefits they can provide?

While manual safety pool covers obviously do not feature a remote control to cover and uncover your swimming pool from a comfortable distance, they are still a worthy addition to your pool safety and security.

The main advantages of a manual safety pool cover versus an automatic safety pool cover

They cost less

The biggest advantage of a manual safety cover over an automatic safety cover is its affordability. Manual safety pool covers usually cost at least about half the price of automatic pool covers since the former do not come with motors and other accessories that would otherwise mean additional expenses.

They have more choices

Manual safety pool covers come in two main types: namely, snap down pool covers and track manual pool covers.

Snap-down manual safety pool covers consist of fasteners that tightly secure the perimeter around the swimming pool. Track-down manual safety pool covers, on the other hand, feature low-profile tracks which are mounted to both sides of the pool, and are usually operated by using a hand crank. Manual pool covers leave you with more choices in covering your swimming pools.

They can cover any pool shape and size

Manual safety pool covers are the best solution for covering irregularly-shaped swimming pools and multi-level pools – such pools where automatic pool covers just aren’t practical. Whether you own a regular rectangular pool, a kidney-shaped pool, or even a guitar-shaped pool, you can bet that manual safety pool covers will be able to conform to every shape and size of your swimming pool.

No electronics, motor and mechanical issues

One of the common problems of having an automatic safety pool cover is that it won’t open and/or close. Sometimes, it gets stuck and won’t move at all. It is usually a result of an electronic, motor and/or mechanical defect. When this arises and you cannot fix it by yourself, you are left with no choice but to call the manufacturer to troubleshoot this issue. You won’t find such problems with manual safety pool covers.

Both manual and automatic safety pool covers provide a significant addition to your pool safety and security. While it certainly lacks an element of convenience, a manual safety pool cover may surprise you with its many benefits and advantages that an automatic safety pool cover in Modesto doesn’t have.