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Buying Solar Pool Covers in San Mateo

Solar pool covers are an excellent option to keep your pool warm without spending a lot on heating. They use solar energy to heat the pool, which makes them cost effective.

The energy loss from a swimming pool can be greatly decreased with the addition of a pool cover. Evaporation is the main reason of energy loss. Moreover, pool covers help to reduce the evaporation rate.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Swimming pools lose energy in many ways. Solar pool covers in San Mateo gain heat from the sun and are effective means to cut costs on an outdoor pool, the rate of evaporation depends on air temperature, humidity, pool temperature and wind speed near the pool surface. The covers absorb approximately 70 to 80 % of the solar energy directed on the pool surface. This maintains the temperature of the pool. Using a solar pool cover for your outdoor swimming pool is an eco-friendly and cost effective option.

Indoor Pools

Indoor swimming pools are not subject to weather fluctuations but evaporation can also occur indoors. These pools require room ventilation to control the indoor humidity levels caused by evaporation.The ventilated air needs to be conditioned which requires considerable energy. Pool covers help to eliminate evaporation and to help control the environment within the room.

Types of Covers

Solar pool covers at San Mateo are available in many shapes and sizes which fit all types of pools – in ground and above ground. Solar pool covers act like a thermal blanket with thermal bubbles to hold the heat – UV inhibitors. This material easily traps the sun rays and transfers it to heat the pool water. This increases the water temperature by 10-15 degrees. The extent of solar gain contribution depends on the type of cover used. Safety Vinyl Pool Covers not only keep the pool safe but will also help increase the temperature of the pool. Because a safety vinyl pool cover eliminates evaporation in a 24 hour time frame they have done a better job heating the pool than some solar blankets.

Checking the chlorine levels every four weeks is required as high chlorine content can damage the cover. Start checking the chlorine level from the first week to maintain the recommended level. Solar pool covers should be folded and stored in a canvas bag when not in use. Your solar pool cover will last longer with proper care and maintenance.