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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Safety Pool Covers – Perfect Pool Covers for You

Don’t you think during summer times, swimming pools are best way to relax with family and friends? A nice swim is a healthy option for both children and adults. But swimming pools need to incorporate safety factors to overcome drowning risks that can turn fatal and tragic in no time. Perfect safety pool covers can eliminate dangers of drowning by children and pets.

Right factors for right pool covers

What kind of swimming pool do you have, in-ground or above-ground? Some pools are round, oval, rectangular or what is called vanishing-edge pools. Choosing the right safety pool covers is very important as not all covers can fit your swimming pool. Also climatic variations like severe winter, frequent storms etc make an impact on the type of pool covers you need.

Types of pool covers

Mesh, vinyl and solar are three most popular safety pool covers. Some covers are made from UV resistant polypropylene or polyethylene. Mesh and vinyl safety covers protect your pools, keep them clean – free of leaves and other debris for easier maintenance, reduce evaporation and importantly keep unauthorized persons away from pool.

Kinds of pool covers available

Basically safety pool covers are either manually operated or automatic safety covers. If you check renowned pool-cover makers like Pool Covers, Inc, you can find there are a number of safety pool covers that can be custom-built for your particular kind of pool which make your pool a safe and well-maintained pool.

Automatic safety pool covers

Some top-class state of art automatic safety pool covers are remote-controlled bidirectional system – controlled either by hydraulic power or electric motor. For a newly constructed pool or remodelled pool, you can have recessed under-track swimming pool covers whereas recessed top-track safety pool covers can fit your old pool perfectly.

Manual safety pool covers

Though manual safety pool covers have to be manually operated, they are also made of good quality material and useful for small and mid-size pools and are operated by hand cranks. They can fit perfectly and fulfil all safety pool cover conditions. There are semi-automatic covers which utilize motors for rolling and unrolling covers.

Advantages of pool covers

There are many advantages from safety pool covers like:

  • Ensuring safety for children & pets
  • Keep pool safe during winter, storms and hurricanes.
  • Clean pool by preventing leaves, dirt, debris falling into pool
  • Keep water warm with less power usage for heating
  • Reduce evaporation and need of make-up water
  • Reduce chemical usage – like chlorine

The right kind of safety pool covers can make your pool safe, easy to maintain and save money for you in the long run. Check your options at