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Safety Pool Covers – Perfect Pool Covers for You

Safety Pool Covers – Perfect Pool Covers for You

During the spring and summer season, swimming pools are the best places to cool off and enjoy with family and friends. Swimming has many benefits, including weight loss, improved sleep, and reduced stress. It is a fun and healthy activity for both adults and children.

However, swimming pools need to incorporate safety factors to overcome drowning risks that can turn your fun swimming affair into a tragedy in no time. Safety pool covers are a must for every pool owner with children and pets, as they can eliminate the dangers of drowning and related accidents.

Factors in choosing the best pool covers

Most types of pool covers can keep your pool clean, retain heat, and keep the chemicals in. But if you’re looking for additional security, safety pool covers should be your best bet. 

But what should be your guidelines when you’re choosing the best pool covers? Here are some helpful factors:

1) Purpose

What is your main purpose in buying a pool cover? Is it clean water, heat retention, savings on utilities, or safety?

For example, if you don’t have children or pets, you may want to cover your pool to keep out the leaves, twigs, and debris or for winterizing. But if you have children or pets, you may want to choose a solid vinyl safety pool cover. Aside from safety, you’ll get bonus benefits such as clean and warm water.

2) The climate in your area

The best pool cover should be ideally suited to the local climate. For example, a mesh cover is an excellent option for areas with heavy rainfall or as a winter pool cover. If you live in a region with a warm climate year-round, an automatic safety pool cover is an ideal choice to slow down the rate of evaporation from your swimming pool. Climactic fluctuations, such as severe winter or frequent storms, can make an impact on the selection of your pool cover.

3) The type of pool

What kind of swimming pool do you have – in-ground or above-ground? Or do you have the so-called “infinity” or “vanishing” pool? Choosing the right safety pool covers is essential as not all covers can fit your swimming pool. You can also have the option of a customized cover to fit over your swimming pool to a tee.

Safety Pool Covers – Perfect Pool Covers for You

4) The size and shape of the pool

The size, shape, elevation, and other features (such as fountains or waterfalls) will also influence your choice of cover. Many pools have the traditional rectangular shape, while others have round, oval, or irregular shapes. Make sure you have determined the shape of your pool and measurements of its total surface area when choosing a pool cover. 

5) Warranty

A pool cover’s quality is indicated by its warranty period. Usually, the longer the warranty, the better the pool cover’s quality. It means that the manufacturer is confident that its product can withstand wear and tear caused by the outside elements for a longer period.

A cheap pool cover may save you money initially. But because of its poor warranty, you will end up spending more money on repairs or replacement. The best pool covers may come with a price, but with a good warranty, they will more pay for the initial purchase and investment in a few years.

Types of pool covers

The three most popular pool covers on the market are:

  • Solar – A solar pool cover is a lightweight cover that typically floats on the pool’s surface. It has thermal bubbles that help capture the sun’s heat and transfer the heat to the pool water, warming it up.
  • Mesh – A pool cover that acts like a giant strainer, allowing rainwater and melted snow to pass through it while keeping out leaves, twigs, branches, and other larger debris. It also allows a small amount of sunlight to penetrate the pool.
  • Solid vinyl – A solid vinyl pool cover keeps everything out of the pool, including leaves, branches, sunlight, rainwater, and snow. 

Of the three types, mesh and solid vinyl are popular safety pool covers. Some covers are made from UV-resistant polypropylene or polyethylene. Mesh and solid vinyl safety covers protect your swimming pools, keeping them clean and free of leaves, twigs, and other debris for easier maintenance, minimizing evaporation, and, most importantly, keeping children and animals from accidentally entering the pool.

Safety Pool Covers – Perfect Pool Covers for You

Kinds of pool covers available

Safety pool covers are available in manual and automatic types. Check our renowned pool cover manufacturers like Pool Covers, Inc.. You can find several safety pool covers that can be custom-built for your particular kind of swimming pool, making your pool safe and well-maintained.

  • Manual – Don’t underestimate manual pool covers! Although they have to be operated by hand, manual safety pool covers are also made of quality materials and useful for small and mid-sized pools and pools that aren’t used often. Manual safety pool covers are available in snap-down and track manual (which is operated by hand cranks). They can fit perfectly and do a decent job of fulfilling all safety pool cover conditions. There are semi-automatic pool covers that utilize motors for rolling and unrolling covers.
  • Automatic – Some top-class and state-of-the-art automatic safety pool covers are remote-controlled bi-directional systems controlled by electric motor or hydraulic power. For a newly constructed pool or remodeled pool, you can have recessed under-track swimming pool covers, whereas recessed top-track safety pool covers can fit your old pool perfectly.

Advantages of safety pool covers

Safety pool covers are more than just pool accessories. They provide many benefits, making them an essential addition to your swimming pool. The advantages of safety pool covers include:

  • Clean pool water
  • Reduced water loss due to evaporation
  • Protection of the pool during winter, storms, and hurricanes
  • Warm water without the need to use a pool heater
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Savings on energy
  • Safety

The right kind of safety pool covers can make your pool safe and easy to maintain and save money for you in the long run.

Consult a pool cover expert first.

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