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Safety Pool covers for winter

Safety pool covers protect swimming pools from leaves and other debris falling into the pool, as well as ensuring that children, adults and pets do not accidentally slip into the pool. The pool cover is usually made of mesh fabric or vinyl and stretched snugly across the pool to keep it covered. These are used in both “in ground” and “above ground” pools and spas. One style is installed with straps and anchors around the pool.

Mesh covers and vinyl covers have their own advantages. Compared to mesh covers, the vinyl covers are lighter and easy to handle and can be rolled on and off the pool quickly. The mesh covers are harder to use and are typically used as a winter cover only. With solid covers, you eliminate evaporation, you keep debris out of the pool and you save on heat, water and chemicals.

Safety pool covers must meet the requisite performance standards mandated by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These covers must meet the following criteria:

  • Have the ability to bear a specific weight
  • Must not have spaces that are large enough for children to slip through
  • Sufficient rainwater drainage on the pool cover’s surface to avoid drowning
  • Have UV stabilizers
  • Be able to prevent mildew
  • Have reinforced seams

Choosing the safety pool cover that suits your pool

Safety covers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit pools of different types. Pools that have unusual shapes or that have extra features such as ladders, diving boards, spas near the pool’s edge are still easily covered with a safety pool cover.

Pool cover manufacturers recommend that safety pool covers are professionally installed to ensure they are fully secure.

For families with children and pets, and for those who live in areas with wild life, a safety pool cover is a must-have safety precaution. These safety covers are also approved for winterizing your pool.

Good quality pool covers gives your pool’s surface a clean and elegant look and save you money in the long run, since they protect your investment while safeguarding your family, neighbors and pets from unexpected submersion into the pool. Since most covers are easy to use, they also save time and effort, doing away with the hassle of closing and opening the pool. Safety pool covers for winter are the ideal choice when you want to keep your pool and pool features in top condition, letting you enjoy the pleasure of looking forward to a well-maintained pool, year after year and season after season.