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30 Years Experience in Making Pool CoversReview of Pool Covers, Inc.

Manual and Motorized Pool Covers for Swimming Pools

Pool covers keep your pool clean and prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the pool’s filters, while keeping children and pets from falling into the pool. The biggest benefit, however, is the savings, since pool covers can save you significant amount of money through reduced heat loss, preventing the evaporation of water and lowering the consumption of maintenance chemicals.

Different types of pool covers

There are a variety of pool covers for both in-ground and above-ground pools and used for various purposes. Some of the choices in pool covers based on the method of use are:

Manual pool covers

Manual covers or tie down covers are stretched over the pool. The ends are tied down to the anchors with springs and straps to hold the cover in place. These are usually made of sturdy vinyl or meshed fabric which is stretched tight across the pool’s surface. While vinyl is solid, the meshed fabric allows rain water and melted snow pass through it without the debris.

Manual pool covers are also available in light weight material and the right one can be selected based on the size of the pool. Pools that are very large require more than one person to handle the cover. Because of this, they are mostly used as winter covers when the pool is closed during the season. These covers can also be ordered in custom sizes. They need some decking around the pool so that they can be tied securely to the coping.

Track-type covers

For everyday use, track style covers are suitable, particularly if the pool is rectangle-shaped. These strong vinyl covers slide in a track attached to the sides of the pool. The pool cover can be rolled back on and off easily. When rolling off, the cover rolls into a housing unit. There are a few types of track-type covers.

  • Manual Track covers
  • Semi Automatic pool covers
  • Automatic pool covers

Manual covers must be operated by someone to roll the cover on and off and are ideal for small-sized pools.

The Semi-automatic covers, as the name implies, are partially driven by motors. They also need some manual operation to get the covers on and off.

Automatic pool covers work with a motor that can be operated with a switch that helps open and close the covers. Remote controlled versions are also available which come with the additional features. A semi-automatic pool cover can be switched to a fully automatic one by adding the motor mechanism which can run on the existing tracks.

With the latest innovations, pool covers can be operated with wireless switches so that there is no need to get any wiring done to install the mechanism. Pool covers can also be recessed in the deck and rolled back and covered by a lid where the swimming pool users can walk.

Pool covers keep the pool safe during the changing seasons. Most pool owners make it a point to install them so that they can be free from the worry of toddlers or pets falling accidentally into the pool.