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Should a Homeowner Install Swimming Pool Covers in Granite Bay?

If you own a swimming pool in your own backyard, do you cover it when it is not in use for the moment? If you don’t, have you ever thought of installing swimming pool covers in Granite Bay?

So, should you, as a homeowner, install a swimming pool cover? You may say that you do not need a swimming pool cover because you’d think that it’s just another unnecessary expense. Besides, you can keep your pool clean and regularly maintain it by yourself anyway. While it is not mandatory that all pool owners should install covers, and it’s up to you anyway whether you want to do it or not, think about all the benefits you will enjoy with a covered pool.

Pool covers keep your swimming pool clean

Your backyard swimming pool may look clear and calm by the day… but what if the winds begin to pick up overnight? The next morning, you come out of your house and see your pool – a murky pond full of fallen leaves and twigs.

That’s where you realize that you need to install a cover over your swimming pool. A covered pool saves you time, effort and yes, headache – from having to clean the water by manually removing all those fallen leaves and debris with using a net leaf skimmer.

Also, a pool cover also blocks sunlight from entering to the pool, which means there’s no chance for algae to grow and spread on the swimming pool floor and walls.

Pool covers help in reducing or stopping evaporation

Have you ever noticed that the water levels of your pool keep gradually ebbing? It’s because of evaporation. An uncovered pool leads to reduced water levels. Depending the size of your pool, it could lose about one-and-a-half inch of water every week due to evaporation. With a covered pool, you will be able to save your precious water by 95%. Yes, pool covers are great ways to conserve pool water

Pool covers save you from using chemicals

Pool covers help in cutting down the use of cleaning chemicals by 35% to 60%. Chlorine is the most common product used to sanitize the pool, but it degrades under ultraviolet light. With a covered pool, it reduces the chances of the UV light hitting the pool water, which means you won’t have to consume as much. Less chemical consumption means more money you will be able to save.

Pool covers help in cutting down energy costs

With a covered pool, it will retain much of the heat. This will save you from turning on the heater to warm the pool, thus saving you energy use and costs.

Pool covers can help with safety

One of the most important reasons why you need to have your pool covered is to prevent the incidence of drowning and other related accidents. Safety pool covers are made from durable materials that enable them to hold a weight of at least two adults and one child, to allow a rescue operation. Provided that they are installed properly, safety pool covers are an excellent safety measure. Especially if you have children or small pets in the household, a covered pool will prevent them from falling into the water.

Other covers like solar and bubble covers do not provide adequate protection, so they do not qualify as safety pool covers.

Swimming pool covers in Granite Bay may be an additional expense. But the benefits that you will get from having your pool covered (when not in use) will outweigh the cost.