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How Often Should Pool Covers on Napa Pools be Replaced?

Pool covers on Napa pools are designed to last a great number of years, but they do not last forever as most of us would like to believe. Typically, a good-quality solid safety pool cover lasts from five to ten years, depending on how often it is used and how much it is exposed to many elements such as dirt and sunlight.

Pool covers offer several benefits such as:

  • Preventing drowning and other related accidents.
  • Keeping your pool clean.
  • Preventing evaporation.
  • Maintaining the temperature of the water.

Like many other things, even the sturdiest pool covers wear out over time especially from frequent use; but at least, these good quality pool covers have advantages that prove to be exceptionally important as they save you time, money and effort in maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool for long periods.

When buying a pool cover, make sure that it has a warranty. While each manufacturer offers different warranty coverage, warranties on pool covers typically last up to a seven-year warranty. So, if you notice any flaws because of a factory defect, the company will arrange for the repair or replacement without charge, usually for the first two years of the warranty (but then again, that depends on the manufacturer). After that, subsequent repairs or replacements will be charged for a minimum amount if it’s still within the warranty coverage.

But when the warranty expires, and your pool cover experiences some noticeable damage, what will you do? Should you repair or replace it? And if you are going to replace it, how soon would you do it?

The extent of the damage is a good basis which helps you decide whether you should repair or replace it. If the rip or tear is small (usually six inches or less), then it can be managed by simple patching. But if the damage is too great that it extends to the other side of the pool cover, patching is impossible in this case. Or if you do get by through patching, the cover can no longer protect your pool in the way as it did then. Safety pool covers which have lost their panels or have suffered extensive damage could still be candidates for replacement by the manufacturer, if their warranty hasn’t expired yet.

Even if you don’t see any visible damage yet, there are other ways to know if a pool cover will still be able to serve its purpose or if it needs replacing.

  • The frequent changes of temperature can contribute to the wear and tear of the pool cover’s fabric. If your area experiences constant shifts in temperature, you should check your pool cover for any telltale signs of damage such as cracks and peeling.
  • The sun’s ultraviolet rays and the frequent use of pool cleaning chemicals can also cause adverse effects on your pool cover for the long term.
  • Touch the pool cover’s fabric – it should be supple and pliable, which are some of the characteristics of a new pool cover. But if it feels brittle and stiff to the touch, it is more prone to worse damage in the long run and therefore it’s a telltale sign that it should be replaced.
  • Check at your pool cover’s sewn threads. If they are frayed or have come apart, then it’s a sign that it should be replaced with a new cover.

Replacing your pool covers on Napa pools is, no doubt, an easy option. It is more convenient to have your pool cover replaced than to have it repaired, especially when it has incurred an extensive damage that cannot be remedied by simple patching. Contact us through email customerservice@poolcoversinc.com, and tell us that you need to replace your existing pool cover. We can replace it with a new cover that has the exact fit as your original cover had; but if you want some changes, we can also revise the design of your original pool cover.