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Pool Covers in Tracy Keep Water in Your Pool

Apart from not splashing the water too much, pool covers in Tracy also help in retaining the water in the swimming pool. Pool covers are useful all year round, but you’ll get the biggest benefits during the warm months.

You think that your swimming pool’s water level is normal after swimming. But most of the pool water is lost when it is not in use and uncovered? The fact is that evaporation is the number one factor in decreasing water levels in your pool.

Not covering your pool every day will lead to about 30% reduction of pool water. For instance, if you have an average-sized pool (16 by 36 feet) and you leave it uncovered, your pool will lose to an equivalent of 180 gallons of every week due to evaporation. Not only evaporation will dissipate your pool water into thin air, it will also strip off the chemicals that clean the pool water.

A household who has a swimming pool (particularly an in-ground, outdoor swimming pool) on their property uses almost twice the water each year, compared to a household who doesn’t have a swimming pool. The summertime and days of drought will inevitably lead to high water demand but otherwise low water supply. That’s why you should have your pool covered if you intend to conserve your pool water — the more pool water you save, the more reason to enjoy swimming and having fun at the pool.

By as simple as covering the swimming pool, you can help save water as much as 90% to 95%. With this much water being saved, you don’t need it to be re-filled, which otherwise could mean additional utility bills.

A pool cover acts as an effective barrier which traps the vapor from escaping, and at the same time, it helps in retaining the heat in the pool water. The vapors will transform into moisture which will drop back into the pool water, therefore increasing the volume of your swimming pool water.

A pool cover blocks the heat from escaping during cool nights, making the pool ideal for an early morning swim! Another bonus: a pool cover also serves as a barrier against accidental drowning. As long as the pool cover is made from durable materials and the installation is proper, it can prevent children and pets from having access towards the pool.

Pool covers in Tracy definitely provide a lot of benefits to households who own a backyard pool, especially during the summer time when they need to relax and cool off the most. The pool covers help in slowing down evaporation and increasing the water volume, which means more reason to enjoy swimming and having fun at the pool!